Learn German Program at a glance

Upon arrival beginning (BEG) and intermediate (INT) students attend a three-day long group orientation in Tübingen. They will meet their program coordinator and fill out the necessary forms for their year-long stay. Furthermore, they will touch on some of the academic questions they might have, as well as the cultural differences that they will encounter, for example, while living in a German guest family.

After the orientation in Tübingen, students will meet their guest families and start the preparatory language program (PLP) at the Herman-Hesse-Kolleg in Horb. The PLP is six weeks of intensive German language classes, five days a week. The program also includes weekend outings, afternoon sport activities and a farewell party.

In most cases, living with a guest family will be a new experience for you and perhaps, also for your guest family. Students will be treated as part of the family during their stay and should be prepared to integrate into their new surroundings. The family will provide two meals a day - breakfast and dinner. Students will have their own room and key.

After the PLP, students will return to Tübingen and move into their dorms. Students will be divided into groups based on the results of a preliminary written and oral placement test. However, there will be a short break (approximately one week) before the winter semester begins (mid October - February). Students will be enrolled at the Department of German as a Foreign Language and Intercultural Programs at the University of Tübingen. They will attend a special language program that will enable them to participate in regular university classes during their second semester. The language program includes classes such as, German conversation and grammar, intercultural communication, contemporary German society as well as German literature and film. Please refer to the Participant Guide for course descriptions and further details.

In the summer semester (mid April - July) students have the opportunity to change schools according to their major. This option allows students to study at other top-ranking institutions within Baden-Württemberg. You can find a list of the participating universities below.