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What we offer:

We have a weekly help desk on mondays at 6 pm, where you can ask us any questions about your stay in Tübingen and sign up to our events; everyone is welcome to come and talk to us. Every month we offer an exciting and varied programme with a wide range of activities in and around Tübingen. We will travel to a different town in southern Germany once a month and organize local activities in Tübingen, like an international dinner or hiking trips. We aim to build a community and make you feel welcome in Tübingen. 

If you have further questions you can send us an E-Mail at gettueknowspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

We can’t wait to meet you all!


Dezernat IV - Studierende
Integriertes Betreuungsprojekt für internationale Studierende
Manuel Hengge
manuel.henggespam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de
  +497071-29 76579  // Office 
In the current situation, due to home office and out of office operations, it is better to communicate with us via email.


Who we are


  • Studies Sports Science (8th semester) and Economics (6th semester)
  • Hobbies: working out, playing & watching Football, hang out with Friends, watching series (#1 Breaking Bad)
  • Fun fact: I met my girlfriend during my Semester abroad. Maybe you too? ;)


  • Studies Dentistry (4th semester)
  • Hobbies: playing the flute, figure skating
  • Fun Fact: I can’t resist singing at any time, even though nobody wants to hear me sing! – Ich muss einfach immer und überall singen, auch wenn das niemand hören möchte!