IES Ambassadors

Why to participate in the IES Program?

Our IES Ambassadors are former IES participants and happy to answer your questions. They have already been to Tübingen and therfore know what it is like to prepare the trip, how visa application works and what else to keep in mind.

Also, they can tell you firsthand what they experienced and learned during previous programs and what they academically and personally got out of it.

Just click on the country you are interested in and write them an email.

We are currently updating this page, so there are still a few ambassadors missing. Please excuse the inconvenience.

IES Ambassadors



University of Western Australia

Participating in the IES Winter Program 2016 was the perfect opportunity to study and travel abroad while gaining credit at my home university. I finished the program with a better understanding of German culture, friendships with the other participants and great memories of the educational and recreational trips included in the program. I think the program is great for first-time abroad students because the IES Team provides you with all of the support you need.

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University of Tartu

The summer program filled the gaps I had in the sphere of European and International studies, hence motivating me to go further with the topic. Moreover, the course included huge information on every sphere of European Union: politics, economy, history, diverse culture and of course the language course of one of the EU's essential languages: German. 
I would recommend this to everyone who is interested in the European Union and International studies in general because the program almost perfectly captures the main aspects of it and gives the students the necessary theoretical skills to continue their path towards following the values of European Union and not only. 
The whole program met my expectations, though, most of all, I like the trips to EU institutions and Bundestag, where we had the chance to meet a member of the German "Green party", Khris Kuhn and discuss interesting issues regarding the life and job of a parliamentarian. 
Hopefully, I can join the program one more time in the future.

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Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul

Personally, I took a lot of personal growth, by learning how to interact with a lot of different people and how to manage time, studying and entertainment. The IES program, for me, was one of the best experiences I’ve had abroad.

I would recommend the IES Courses to anyone who has interest in getting to know this big great world out there and wants to do something about their vacation. When you get to know people, exchange experiences and have such qualified classes, one grows not only personally, but also professionally.

More than an intercultural experience, for me I think the most important aspect of my experience in the program was to become aware of what education and, actually, what an academic profile really looks like in Europe and, specifically, in Germany. Ultimately, I liked the IES program, because it provided for a great range of interculturality with unique experiences, such as getting to know the European Parliament and the Bundestag.

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The IES program is a very enriching experience for anyone who would love to experience life abroad and immerse oneself in the German cuture. What I especially enjoyed about the program that although classes and workshops were pretty diverse and intense I was never pressured and was always enjoying my time and we had a lot of free time to travel and enjoy Germany. Everyone at the IES program is helpful and supportive whether admins or instructors. A great opportunity and definitely a very exciting one.

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Université de Genève

IES is the perfect program for anyone willing to learn about Europe, and the German culture and language. Even if you are European, you will learn a lot, not only from the professors but also from the other participants. Do not hesitate and apply!

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Hong Kong


University of Hong Kong

The program provided me great insight into European politics and society. As a student of European studies, I gained concrete, first-hand knowledge of Europe, particularly Germany. The program is a great combination of academic coursework and field trips. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Europe, whether they'd like to study, work, or travel in Europe, or would like to learn more about Europe. The buddy program is also a highlight, as it gave me an opportunity to communicate with my German peers and learn more about German culture.





University of Delhi

The IES program is very interesting and provided me a great international exposure through visit to various cities within Germany including a visit to Strasbourg, France. This course is tailor made for the students who would like to have a fine knowledge of European Union. I like my time at IES because it gave me a idea of the Culture and tradition of Germany. With the unique buddy program it is more than just amazing. My German buddy was very helpful and we are still in contact. The memories and friends that I made at IES are the ones that I’ll cherish lifelong.   

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South Korea


Korea University

I learned so much through the IES program, but I find the best thing to be the chance to become friends with so many great people from all over the world. I met EmmaRae and Maddy in Tuebingen in summer 2016, but here we are in North Carolina (their home state) in March 2018!

If you’re interested in European Studies, and would like to make some lasting memories, this is the program for you.

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