Online Summer School: Credits & Grades

ECTS Credits

The University of Tuebingen applies the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). The ECTS is a system for international recognition of academic achievements and transfer of study credits. Thus, study and examination performance achieved during a study abroad can be recognized by the home university.

At the University of Tübingen 1 ECTS equals a workload of 30 hours. The workload comprises regular presence and active participation in the courses, private and independent study, preparation of projects and examinations.

After successful completion of all courses and fulfillment of all course requirements 3 ECTS credits will be awarded for participation in the Online Summer School.

Transfer of ECTS Credits

Participants of the Online Summer School who would like to transfer credits at their home university are strongly recommended to contact their Academic Advisor and ask for credit and grade approval.


The course concludes with written take home exams at the end of the program. The grade of th ecourse will be calculated by the result of these exams (100%).

University of Tübingen grading scheme:

1,0/1,3/1,5          very good
1,7/2,0/2,3/2,5    good
2,7/3,0/3,3/3,5    satisfactory
3,7/4,0                sufficient
5                         fail

Certificate and Transcript

After successful completion of all requirements of the Online Summer School students will receive a Certificate of Attendance and a Transcript which shows the course titles, contact hours, the grading and ECTS credits earned.