Online Summer School: Technical Requirements

The summer school will be based on online material that you can access at any time using Tübingen university’s MOODLE system, as well as on live online discussions (including video conferences via ZOOM which will take place at pre-set times (precise dates to be announced). Hence, by combining on- and offline tools of teaching and learning you have the chance to gain valuable insights into new cultures and countries, share your perspectives with international classmates and learn more about Europe and the EU.

Zoom Platform

An important element of our online courses is ‘Zoom’, which is a clearly structured and easy to use cloud platform for teaching virtually and video conferencing. The following explains how to take part in your online ‘Zoom’ course.


  • An internet-enabled device with a camera and microphone (ideally a laptop or computer with a keyboard).
  • Zoom Cloud Meeting-App.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • A headset (recommended).
  • A quiet and undisturbed environment.
  • Consent to the use of ‘Zoom’. (Privacy policy: zoom.us/privacy)

Before the first lesson, install the software on your device:

  • For Windows and Mac: https://zoom.us
  • With Windows and Mac devices, it’s also possible to enter the ‘Zoom’ course and take part in the lesson directly via the browser (Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge).
  • For Android devices: Google Play  /  For Apple devices: Apple App Store

Entering the virtual lesson

Prior to your lesson, you will receive an email from IES, sent to the email address that you registered with us, containing the access information to ‘Zoom’. It will look something like this:
Join Zoom-Meeting
Meeting-ID: 123 456 789
Password: 123456

To enter the course room, click on the link (via your browser) or enter the Meeting-ID into your App. If required, enter the password.

Moodle Platform

You’ll find links and material for your course on MOODLE. This material is an integrated part of your course that you must access.

Further information on how to access and use Moodle will be sent before the course starts.