Corona quarantine assistance bundle

In the unfortunate event of becoming imposed with, the university is prepared to assist you in organizing your quarantine.

If necessary we can help in shopping food and every day necessities, visiting a doctor, accommodation and keep updated with university organisation.

It is important that you are matriculated as a student, have a health insurance valid in Germany and have paid the student tuition and administration fees before entering Germany. Only then you will have your login data and you will be able to communicate with our service team without difficulties.

To start your registration for the quarantine-service-package please fill this registration form.

Please inform the university as soon as possible before your arrival via e-mail about your entry date (day and time): coronaservice-incomingspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

If possible, you should arrive in Tübingen during the opening hours of the Studierendenwerk (only on working days, for details please see the letter of offer), as you cannot sleep in a hotel or youth hostel if you are obliged to be in quarantine.

The university offers a free quarantine service to you. For food etc. you have to pay 100 € in advance to the account of the University. If you have to stay in quarantine for longer than 7 days you have to pay 100 € again. Any money, which has not been spent, will be refunded by the end of December.

In your room in the quarantine dormitory you will find a complete bundle of food, based on the information given in the registration form. Individual preferences unfortunately cannot be considered.

In the unlikely event of becoming imposed with a longer quarantine, it is scheduled to provide an individual shopping service. This option is depending on the dynamic development of the situation.

Please note, that during the quarantine you may be accommodated in a different student residence reserved for this purpose.

The most important steps in summary:

If you have registered for the quarantine service, but eventually don’t need it, you will get back the whole amount of money you payed.

To start your registration for the quarantine-service-package please fill this registration form.