Block seminar: Foreseeing Public Opinion through Social Media in Latin America

Our Teach@Tübingen Fellow Dr. Beatrice Bonami (Communication and Information Science, Italy/Brasil) is teaching a very topical four-day seminar (17.12., 14.1., 21.1., 28.1., 4.2.2022) in which there are still a few places available

Title: Foreseeing Public Opinion through Social Media in Latin America
Methods: Methodological concepts, ethical reflections and practical exercises
 Dates:  Introduction of the course and its participants: Friday December 17th 2021 [or the 10th which ever works best] at 9h00-12h00
Friday January 14th, 21st and 28th 2022 at 9h-12h00 and 14h-17h00
Wrap-up and evaluation: Friday February 4th 2022 at 9h00-12h00
Module Names: 351MA03c, 351MA02c, 351MA03b, 351MA06b

The seminar is a great opportunity to get in touch with international research on a societally highly relevant issue.

Please email to Beatrice Bonami beatrice.bonamispam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de  if you want to participate or if you have any questions regarding the seminar or its topic. The registration via ALMA does not work at the moment. Please also contact Beatrice if you would like to participate but the dates do not suit you.