Short Term Resident Fellows

Short Term Resident Fellows are Ph.D.students or postdoctoral researchers from other European or Taiwanese universities, who stay at the ERCCT for a period between six months and one year. Each Fellow in this programme is provided with office space, and a monthly grant of 350 EUR in addition to a one time travel grant of 500 EUR and basic health insurance. For details on how to apply, please refer to this website's programmes section

Karolin Buchner

Name: Buchner, Karolin
Home institution: Global Health of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Freie Universität Berlin
Duration of Stay: Jul. 2022, Oct. 2022 - Nov. 2022
Research Project: Cultivating partnerships – Chinese medicine as a form of public and everyday diplomacy under Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy

Guo Liqiao

Name: Guo Liqiao
Home institution: Xiamen University, Graduate Institute for Taiwan Studies
Duration of Stay: Oct. 2021-Sept. 2022
Research Project: Cross-Strait Marriage and the Its Impact on Social Integration


Valentina Gamberi

Name: Valentina Gamberi
Home Institution: Research Centre for Material Culture, Leiden
Duration of Stay: Jan. 2022 - May. 2022
Research Project: Magical power as Heritage: a Taiwanese Retelling of Sacred Waste

Agathe Lemaitre

Name: Agathe Lemaitre
Home Institution: National Dong Hwa University
Duration of Stay: Oct. 2022 to Feb. 2023
Research Project: Entanglement in situation of extinction: the Paiwan's human-animal relationship with the Clouded Leopard and the Mountain Hawk-eagle