Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

Robert Rauschkolb

Plant Evolutionary Ecology

Institute of Evolution & Ecology

University of Tubingen

Auf der Morgenstelle 5

72076 Tubingen, Germany

Phone: +49 7071 2974248

robert.rauschkolb [at]

Research interests

I am interested in plant adaptation and rapid evolution. For my master thesis I have used the ex-situ collections from the Botanical Garden of Tübingen to investigate possible maladaptative processes caused by cultivation. After using living plant material to study adaptation and rapid evolution during my Masters I have decided to use stored seed material for my PhD Project (Back to the Future). In this project I aim to investigate recent adaptation to environmental changes (e.g. climate change) using the resurrection approach.




PhD student at Plant Evolutionary Ecology, University of Tubingen, Germany (SdW Fellowship)



Master of Science Geoecology at University of Tübingen, Germany



Bachelor of Science Environmental Sciences at University of Bielefeld, Germany


Peer-reviewed publications

Rauschkolb R, Szczeparska L, Kehl A, Bossdorf O, Scheepens JF (2019)  Plant populations of three threatened species experience rapid evolution under ex-situ cultivation. Biodiversity and Conservation, accepted. Link

Scheepens JF, Rauschkolb R, Ziegler R, Schroth V, Bossdorf O (2017) Genotypic diversity and environmental variability affect the invasibility of experimental plant populations. Oikos, 127: 570-578. Link