Pharmazeutische Technologie und Biopharmazie

Forschung Dr. Adams

Our group „Tailor-made Intelligent Polymer Materials for Pharmaceutical Applications“ is funded by an Excellence Strategy of the University of Tübingen and the University of Stuttgart. Our research is located at the interface of polymer chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences. We are focusing on the design and evaluation of advanced drug delivery systems as well as on 3D printing applications. These systems are based on smart and sustainable polymers that are synthesized using sophisticated polymerization techniques. We develop tailor-made and advanced catalysts and monomers to meet the special needs for each specific pharmaceutical application.

Our research topics include:

  • Living-type polymerizations
  • Blockcopolymerizations
  • Catalyst design
  • Post-polymerization functionalization
  • Drug and nucleic acid encapsulation
  • Formulation development
  • In vitro evaluation of nanoparticles
  • 3D printing of sustainable, functional monomers and polymers