Fachbereich Physik

structure of the Kepler Center

The groups presently involved in the Kepler Center are :

H.Clement, H.R. Schmidt, J.Jochum, T. Lachenmaier, W.Kley, K.Kokkotas, A.Santangelo, and K.Werner

The activities of the center include:

Such a combination of astronomy, astrophysics, general relativity, particle physics research together with a very rich experimental program cannot be found elsewhere in Germany.

The groups within the planned Kepler Center have been very successful during the recent years in acquiring funds, which amount presently to 3 MEuro per year from a large diversity of sources:

The Kepler Center shall in future bundle the funding activities to present the activities in Astro and Particle Physics at the University Tübingen in a coherent way towards the scientific community: this will allow the single Institutes to acquire critical mass in international projects.