Institut für Theoretische Physik

Florian Gußmann, Dipl.-Phys.

PhD Student

Institut für Theoretische Physik

Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Auf der Morgenstelle 14

D - 72076 Tübingen

Office: Building D, 8th floor, Room A11


As part of our research I study the equilibrium behavior of simple fluids in confined geometries by means of classical statistical physics and classical density functional theory. Here, the hard sphere fluid is used as a reference to which different kinds of attractive potentials are added using perturbation theory. A recent topic we investigated is the description of quasi phase transitions in biological ion channels.


  1. Bubble gating in biological ion channels: A density functional theory study. F. Gußmann and R. Roth. Phys. Rev. E 95, 062407 (2017)