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Dieter Kölle, Monika Fleischer, Alexander Stibor, Dieter Kern, Reinhold Kleiner
Zentrum für Licht-Materie Interaktion, Sensoren & Analytik – LISA+
Quanteninstrumente, Nanosysteme und Sensoren

nanoTECHNOLOGIE aktuell 5, 38 (2012)

M. Glehr, A. Stibor, P. Sadoghi, C. Schuster, F. Quehenberger, G. Gruber, A. Leithner, R. Windhager
Thermal imaging as a noninvasive diagnostic tool for
anterior knee pain following implantation of artificial knee joints

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Research highlights by Nature & Nature Physics (8/2007)

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CLEO/Europe ‐ IQEC 2007. European Conference on Lasers and Electro‐Optics and the International Quantum Electronics Conference, München 1110 (2007)
Standard Book Number: 978‐1‐4244‐0930‐3

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“New Journal of Physics” highlight of 2005

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Alexander Rembold (2017)
Second-order correlation analysis of multifrequency dephasing in single-particle interferometry