Geschichtsdidaktik und Public History


Aktuelle Veranstaltungen (Wintersemester 2021/22)

Napoleon vs. Bismarck. (De)constructing national heroes from an international perspective.

You can’t get a break from History. Media, History & Popular culture in everyday life.

Kommende Veranstaltungen (Sommersemester 2022)

“That belongs in a museum!”. But which one? Looting and repatriating cultural heritage in Europe.

Failure, resistance and separatism in Europe. Rethinking and challenging European History.

Ältere Veranstaltungen

Introduction à l’histoire des medias (Lecture, University of Luxembourg)

Guest lectures in Media History & Public History (Lectures, Bournemouth University)

Digital Public History (Seminar/workshop, University of Luxembourg)

Tutorial classes on research & writing for the Master students in History (Workshop, University of Luxembourg)