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Using the alma Course Enrollment and Exam Registration System


Alma was implemented as the new campus management system in the summer semester 2020. Students are now required to enroll in courses and register for exams using alma. Please visit the alma-portal  for further information and support links.

Alma is accessed online at  https://alma.uni-tuebingen.de .  Students are required to login to alma and do this using their existing University of Tübingen login-IDs and passwords.The login box is located at the top-right corner.

To the left of the login input box is a button which allows students to switch the language between German and English.

There are a number of pdf-guidelines available online to assist students with alma.

Alma Functionality

Students will primarily use the functions found in the dropdown menu Mein Studium. These include:

  • Mein Studium > Studienplaner mit Modulplan (My studies > Planner of studies with Module plan)
  • Mein Sudium > Belegungen (My Studies > Show my Enrollments)
  • Mein Studium > Leistungen (My Studies > My Achievements)

This page will focus on Studienplaner mit Modulplan which is used for courses and exams.

   We strongly advise you to apply for courses and exams via the Study Planner (Studienplaner), not via the Course Catalogue or the Schedule (Stundenplan).

Enrollment and Registration periods

You can only apply for courses and exams during their official enrollment and registration periods. The current dates are published on the American Studies homepage.

Enrolling in courses

Enrollment for summer term courses usually takes place in March and April, for winter term courses from late August until mid-October.

Registering for exams


Registering for summer term exams usually takes place in May and June, for winter term exams in December and January.

First Steps and Basics

When you open the Studienplaner there are two views available: the Module Plan View (Modulplan) and the Examination Regulations View (Prüfungsordnung anzeigen). You must make sure that  you are in the Examination Regulations View.
If you see Modulplan anzeigen in the top left corner of the screen, then you are in the correct view. If you see Prüfungsordnung anzeigen, you need to click that text to change the view.

Basic concept:
In alma courses and exams (exams refer to Prüfungen as well as Studienleistungen) are two distinct entities. They are linked in the sense that courses are assigned to exams. These assignments may change from term to term however. Students need to register separately for both courses and for the exams linked to them.

Courses and exams are separated by the use of different icons and colours.
The connection between them is indicated by the number of the exam element and the number in the name of the course group.
In the following example the Introduction to Cultural Studies lecture is linked to the exam 210 and the accompanying tutorial is linked to the Studienleistung 215. This means that students who attend the lecture and want to be credited for it need to register for the exam 210. Students who attend the tutorial and want credit for it have to register for the Studienleistung 215. Registration implies a commitment by the student to accomplish the required tasks. Students who cannot fulfil the commitment need to de-register themselves or contact the examination office. 

Please note that the examples described on the following pages are taken from the winter semester 2020. The course titles may vary, but the basic principles are consistent  regardless of the specific courses.

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