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M.Sc. International Economics

Double Degree Option

In today’s highly globalized world, governments and firms need experts trained in international economics. If you are intrigued by debates about the costs and benefits of economic globalization, the M.Sc. International Economics will provide with you with the necessary skills to analyze these questions in a scientific manner.

In addition to the advanced command of economic techniques, the program consists of specialized courses in globalization, international trade, and migration. Further courses will help you understand the intricacies of monetary and fiscal policy under different exchange rate regimes.

Graduating from this program, you will understand the driving forces behind major trends on global markets and what these trends mean for workers, firms, and governments. Moreover, you will be able to evaluate the costs and benefits of international economic policies.

Key Facts

4 Semester Program

Courses start in October

120 ECTS Credits

incl. Master Thesis (30 ECTS credits)


Course Language

Areas of Specialization

  • Global Production and Sourcing
  • International Trade Theory
  • Monetary Economics
  • Fiscal Federalism and Competition
  • Empirical Studies on Migration, Trade and Growth
  • International Economic History

Double Degree Option

This program can be completed as a double degree with the University of Nottingham.


Modules / Areas ECTS credits  
Core Studies Econometrics 9  
Core Studies Microeconomics 9  
Core Studies Macroeconomics 9  
Specialization Studies International Trade 9-18



Specialization Studies International Macroeconomics 9-18
Elective Studies 27  
Advanced Topics 9  
Master Thesis 30  

Ph.D. Track

Graduates will also find themselves well-positioned to pursue a Ph.D. subsequent to this M.Sc. program. For this purpose, students may study this M.Sc. program on a Ph.D. track, putting themselves on a fast track to a doctoral degree.

Module Handbook

For more detailed information about the modules, please see the Module Handbook.


It is expected that the Master's programme M.Sc. International Economics will no longer be offered in the winter semester 2023/24.  However, the elective options will then be selectable in the M.Sc. Economics. Please take a closer look at the M.Sc. Economics programme to find out if this programme is suitable for you.

Students pursuing the double degree with the University of Nottingham do, however, have to pay reduced tuition fees to the University of Nottingham.

Further information (Fees in Nottingham)

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