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  • TÜ-VIPP is free
  • TÜ-VIPP is online
  • TÜ-VIPP is open to all students
  • TÜ-VIPP prepares students for a future study abroad, possibly here in Tübingen
  • TÜ-VIPP prepares you for your future work
  • TÜ-VIPP offers ECTS credits, scholarships and new connections
  • What's going on in your country, right now? Real-time discussions with your peers around the world
  • Internationalization@home: TÜ VIPP develops intercultural competence 

We offer a unique virtual course program to our international students abroad and to all Tübingen students inspired by intercultural exchange. The name TÜ-VIPP demonstrates that we consider all our students to be our true VIPs who aim to develop essential skills needed to tackle a challenging future. TÜ-VIPP courses prepare you perfectly for a later stay abroad, possibly at Tübingen University. So come and join a course on German language & culture, Kiswahili, intercultural topics or a virtual buddy program. You can choose up to two courses plus the buddy program.

To view and apply for all our online courses for the 2022 Winter Semester and 2023 Summer Semester,               please click on the TÜ-VIPP Long box above.

If you have arrived or are arriving in Tübingen soon, please click on the TÜ-VIPP Short box above.

Important news for future exchange students: Please note that you will be able to transfer all ECTS/credits gained in any TÜ-VIPP course to your exchange semester at Tübingen University in 2023 if you complete a final task once here. Write us a mail or inform your Instructor/Professor if you wish to make use of this great opportunity!

For our Tübingen students: TÜ-VIPP is an excellent opportunity to meet international students from around the world (possibly from a partner university where you want to spend your year abroad) and to increase your intercultural competence by engaging in meaningful intercultural team work and cooperation! Students of the University of Tübingen can acquire CPs by attending these courses. Bachelor students of the University of Tübingen can have these CPs credited as part of the module Key Qualifications. Furthermore, there is the option for students of the University of Tübingen (bachelor and master level) to get these CPs credited as part of the certificate Global Awareness (see https://uni-tuebingen.de/de/204780).

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Participating in TÜ-VIPP was an amazing experience. I learned a lot, met great teachers from one of the most prestigious universities in the world, and made many friends. Many times, even though it was online, I felt like I really was in Tübingen! Thank you very much, University of Tübingen, for everything, I really loved the program.

Daniel, Brazil