Quarantine in Hotel Krone

The University of Tübingen offers you the possibility to spend the time of quarantine at the Hotel Krone in Tübingen.
The price of the hotel room is enormously reduced for your quarantine (35 €/night) if you register for the university subsidy.
In addition, the Studierendenwerk can waive the rent for your room in the dormitory for the duration of the quarantine in the hotel room. This applies to days on which you stay in the hotel while the rental contract with the Studierendenwerk is already running. Please contact the Studierendenwerk's dormitory administration: https://en.my-stuwe.de/housing/contact-persons/ 
We will provide you with the necessary information and online offers after your arrival at the hotel, so you are always in contact with your university.

The hotel offer is available from 24.03.2021. You book your stay there according to your individual arrival date.

You are strongly recommended to take up this offer and not to spend the quarantine in the shared flat in the dormitory.
You will have a hotel room there in the city centre with catering, you will receive two meals a day directly to your room.
Usually the quarantine stay in the Hotel Krone costs 90 €/night. After your request, the university will check your enrolment and send you the discount code. Only with this code the University of Tübingen will cover the full cost of accommodation of 55 € per night, for meals you only pay 35 € / night.
Without the code you pay the full 90 €/night.
Please note that it is not possible to book only the accommodation or only the meals. For the booking you need an individual discount code. After your request, we will check your enrollment for completeness and then send you your code. This check may take several days. 
Please note that you have to go directly to the place of your quarantine after entering the country. You are not allowed to shop or go to the university offices.

If you are coming to Tübingen and would like to take advantage of this offer, it is absolutely necessary that you are already enrolled and have already taken out German or European (EHIC) health insurance. If this is not the case, you will not receive a booking code and will have to bear the costs entirely yourself.
In order to receive the financial support from the university for your quarantine in the hotel, please apply for it using the form mentioned below. We will check if you meet the requirements and send you the discount code (please note that this will take a few working days). Without this discount code, you will have to pay the full prive of 90 €/night.

So your steps are:
1) Enrollment + proof of health insurance complete?
2) Request discount code via this form: University Discount
3) Receive booking code after your immatriculation and health insurance is checked
4) booking the hotel with the code via email: infospam prevention@krone-tuebingen.de
5) Quarantine in hotel
6) Submit your hotel bill to the housing office of the Studierendenwerk to get the rent refunded for the days you stayed in the hotel while the contract for your dormitory room is already running.

Please note:
•It is not possible to book only parts of the offer or to cancel parts of the hotel stay (for example not using WLAN) to get a cheaper price. There is no room for negotiation.
•The offer is explicitly 90 €/night for accommodation AND meals for the period of quarantine, so at least 5 nights. 
•The hotel will charge only for the nights actually spent there, so minimum 5. 
•The quarantine rate is valid only for the duration of the quarantine. After that, the normal hotel rates apply

Please contact our quarantine management if you have any questions about this quarantine offer.

It can take several days (up to a week) to check your details and send you your discount code. 
If your arrival date is earlier than one week, your registration will be brought forward. Please do not send us any requests if your arrival date is more than a week away.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the quarantine management. We are happy to help and will answer as soon as we can: