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Systems Vision Science Summer School & Symposium: Aug. 14-24, in Tuebingen, Germany

Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics/University of Tuebingen

Systems Vision Science Summer School & Symposium: Aug. 14-24, in Tübingen, Germany

Applications are invited for a brand new summer school designed for everyone interested in gaining a systems level understanding of biological vision. We plan a coherent, graduate-level, syllabus on the integration of experimental data with theory and models, featuring lectures, guided exercises and discussion sessions. The summer school will end with a Systems Vision Science symposium on frontier topics with talks and posters by additional participants. All summer school participants are invited to attend and welcome to submit contributions to the symposium.

Invited lecturers and speakers include:
Assaf Breska, Peter Dayan, Andrea van Doorn, Wolfgang Einhäuser-Treyer, Karl Gegenfurtner, Ziad Hafed, Tadashi Isa, Jan Koenderink, Kristine Krug, Hanspeter Mallot, Laurence Maloney, Pascal Mamassian, Antje Nuthmann, Daniel Osorio, Andrew Parker, Jenny Read, Alexander Schütz, Manuel Spitschan, Kristina Visscher, Li Zhaoping.

Please apply via https://summerschool.lizhaoping.org/application by March 31, 2023.

Application deadline for students from the University Tübingen who want to take it as a credited course: April 16, 2023.

Please check ALMA for more info in March.

To find more out about the program, our invited lecturers/speakers and other details, please check out our webpage: https://summerschool.lizhaoping.org

Please direct inquiries to svs.summerschoolspam prevention@tue.mpg.de

Organizing team:
Li Zhaoping
Ulf Lüder
Maria Pavlovic
Junhao Liang
Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
University of Tuebingen