Institut für Organische Chemie

Prof. i. R. Günther Jung


Academic Profile

 31.08.65                  Diploma in Chemistry, University of Tübingen

 24.07.67                  Promotion (Dr.rer.nat.), doctoral thesis (s.c.l.)
                                 Institute of Organic Chemistry (E.Bayer)

1967-1968                Assistant Professor, University of Houston, Texas

 22.04.1971              Habilitation in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry,

                                 University of Tübingen

 14.11.1973              apl. Professor, Dept. of Chemistry

 21.12.1978 –           University Professor of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry


  21.04.1997             Title “Ordinarius”


Former Activities               

― Director of the Dept. of Biochemistry at the NMI (Naturwissenschaftliches  und

     Medizinisches Institut in Reutlingen, (

― Director of the Steinbeis-Transfercenter “Bioorganic Chemistry“ (

― Co-founder of EMC microcollections GmbH ( 1996 and

     CureVac AG  ( 1999

― Co-author of E. Breitmaier, G.Jung: “Organische Chemie”, 7th ed., Thieme

― Advisory Board Member of  8  scientific journals and several research institutions

― Consultant in pharmaceutical industry:

     Research projects in drug development.

― Co-founder of the European Peptide Society (EPS)  and the European Society of

     Combinatorial Sciences (ESCS)

― Organizer of numerous symposia, seminars, advanced courses, and workshops



1987               Research stipend of the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science

1989               “Max-Bergmann-Medaille” for scientific achievements in structure

                        elucidation and biosynthesis of lantibiotics

1992               “Leonidas  Zervas Award” of the European Peptide Society in recognition of scientific contributions in peptide chemistry

1996               Title “Ordinarius” of the Ministry of Science and Education

2000               “Akabori Memorial Award” of the Japanese Peptide Society

2003               “ESCS-Award” of the European Society of Combinatorial Sciences