Dr. phil. Jens Damm 達嚴思


Dr. phil. Jens Damm 達嚴思

Institutional Affiliation:

Independent Scholar



Dr. phil. Jens Damm was an Associate Professor at the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies, Chang Jung University, Tainan, Taiwan (2009-201<9) and an Assistant Professor at Free University Berlin until 2009. His research interests include the new media and the Internet, the Taiwanese and Chinese diasporas, and gender studies. He was PI of "China's Cultural Diplomacy and the Role of Non-state Actors", 2015-2017 (GARC) at the Oriental Institute Prague.
He was awarded his Magister (Master’s degree) at the University of Trier in 1994. From 1994 to 2003, he worked as a research associate at Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of East Asian Studies, and at the Otto Suhr Institute for Political Science. From September 2008 to September 2009, he was a Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica. He is currently also a board member of the European Association of Taiwan Studies.

His latest publications include 

•    (2018) The impact of the Taiwanese LGBTQ movement in mainland China with a specific focus on the case of the “Chinese Lala Alliance” and “marriage equality in Chinese societies”, in Carsten Storm (ed.) Connecting Taiwan. Routledge. 
•    (2017) Politics  and  the  Media,  in  G.  Schubert  (Ed.)  Routledge  Handbook  of  Contemporary Taiwan
•    (2016) The Early Contradictory Approaches to Gender and Sexuality and the Recourse to American Discourses during Taiwan's Societal Transformation in the early 1980s, in H. Chiang and Yin wang, Perverse Taiwan, London: Routledge

•    (2016) The Contemporary Political and Public Discourse on the Xinhai Revolution in Taiwan in the Context  of  the  Centennial  Celebration of  the  ROC,  Berliner  China-Hefte/Chinese History  and Society 47, 122-138 www.lit-verlag.de/isbn/3-643-90777-6

•    (2016) An Outline of LGBTQ and Tongzhi Discourses in Taiwan: From the Re-Invented Confucianism of the 1950s to a Glocal Queer Discourse Today. Festschrift für Mechthild Leutner. Peter Lang
•    (2015) Lai Yingtai (2015) The Internet in China: Cultural, political, and social dimensions (1980s-
•    (2015) Communities online. The Internet in China: Cultural, political, and social dimensions {1980s-2000s), Great Barrington, MA: Berkshire Publishing Group, 184-196

He is also the author of Homosexualität und Gesellschaft in Taiwan: 1945 bis 1995 [Homosexuality and Society in Taiwan: 1945 to 1995] (PhD) and has co-edited a range of works, for example, (2019) (Co-editor) Transnational Sites of China's Cultural Diplomacy- Central Asia, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe Compared, Palgrave (in preparation), (2018) With Mechthild Leutner and Niu Dayong (Eds.) China's Interaction the World: Historical and Contemporary Aspects, LIT 2018China Networks (2009, with Mechthild Leutner), Postmodern China (2008, with Andreas Steen), Taiwanese Identity from Domestic, Regional and Global Perspectives (2007 with Gunter Schubert), Chinese Cyberspaces (2006 with Simona Thomas), Chinesische Literatur: Zum 70. Geburtstag von Eva Müller [Chinese Literature: On the Occasion of the 70th Birthday of Eva Müller] (with Mechthild Leutner 2005). His most recent publications include the edited volume Taiwanese Identity in the 21st Century (ed. by Gunter Schubert and Jens Damm, Routledge, London, New York, 2012) and European Perspectives on Taiwan (VS Springer 2012, co-edited with Paul Lim).

Current Research Project

Overseas Communities in the Digital Age
(collaborative research project in preparation) 

Based on concepts of cultural and public diplomacy, social network building, and social media this project will explore various Taiwanese and Chinese overseas communities in certain world regions (planned: examples from Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe): the research focus will be the interaction between state/government actions/actors and the overseas communities (between the state and the respective community as a collective actor and the interactions between the community, the individual member and the respective state). The expected research output will be a clearer understanding of role of social media in forming these communities as well as the role of social media for the value formation within these communities. 
The project will employ on qualitative research methods such observation, guideline interviews etc., digital ethnography, but also employ mobile data collection for a quantitative analysis. My subproject will build on my previous research on sola media and internet usage as well as my previous research project on China’s cultural diplomacy (Oriental Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, China's Cultural Diplomacy and the Role of Non-state Actors", 2015-2017 [PI], GARC, in preparation: Gary Rawnsley, Jarmila Ptackova, Ondrej Klimeš, Jens Damm (eds.) Chinese Cultural Diplomacy and the Role of Non-State Actors, Palgrave 2019/2020. 

Related publications

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