2019/20 Fellowship Opportunity at Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study

Launched in October 2006 to mark the 175th anniversary of the foundation of Durham University, the IAS is one of the University’s flagship research institutes. It seeks to catalyse new ideas by bringing together world-leading researchers from all disciplines to work with Durham colleagues on collaborative projects of major intellectual, scientific, political and practical significance. Through dialogue and collaboration across disciplinary boundaries, its aim is to foster creative and collaborative interdisciplinary research which sparks new investigations, set tomorrow's agenda, and leave a legacy of embedded research projects in Durham.

We are keen that the Institute’s Fellowship programme should attract the most distinguished scholars from around the world. Each Fellowship provides an honorarium (£3,000); a travel allowance; accommodation; and funds for teaching buy-out if this is necessary in order for individuals to be able to accept the Fellowship (up to £8,000). There are usually 20 fellowships available and each is for a three month period (either October-December 2019 or January-March 2020). A proportion of our fellowships are reserved for invited Fellows to participate in specific projects sponsored by the IAS (Details). However, ‘stand-alone’ fellowships are also available for any scholars interested in coming to Durham for a term to work on their own project, as long as this has some element of collaboration with Durham University. During their stay, in addition to pursuing their research, Fellows are expected to engage with each other and with staff at Durham, deliver a public lecture and present an IAS seminar. Once their Fellowship has ended, we hope that, as a member of our international College of Fellows, they will continue to collaborate with Durham colleagues.

Applications for the 2019/20 Fellowships are now welcome. The closing date for applications is 08 June 2018. The full details of the Fellowship scheme are available at www.dur.ac.uk/ias/fellows/furtherparticulars, and application details can be found at www.dur.ac.uk/ias/fellows/apply/.

All Fellowship enquiries to:
IAS Administrator Linda Crowe