Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

Ilona Liesche



MSc candidate

78818  ilona.liesche(@)

room 019, basement floor

Aim of the study

GLYMIK is a cooperative project of the University of Tübingen, the Karlsruher Institute of Technology, and the University Hospital of Tübingen with the aim to investigate the indirect effects of glyphosate on individual vitality, immunocompetence and health through changes in the microbiome of fish. My research task in the Tübingen subproject is to evaluate the effects of glyphosate, its formulation Roundup, and the main metabolite AMPA on renal tissue and the immunocompetence of brown trout. For this purpose, the kidney tissue is evaluated histopathologically, while the spleen, as an important part of the immune system, is analyzed at a molecular level.