Our research group is responsible for many of the undergraduate and Master courses relating to sedimentology. Additional information about studying geosciences at Tübingen is available here. The department welcomes international graduate students and offers many classes in English.


Our research group is currently involved in the teaching of the following:

B.Sc. Courses

Erdgeschichte/History of the Earth

A second semester (summer semester) introductory geology course, including a component on regional geology.

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

A 4th semester (summer semester) course on the fundamentals of sedimentology.

Mapping class for BSc students

An introductory geological mapping course (5th semester) held in Spain each year.

Field excursions

Including field stratigraphy and sedimentology.

M.Sc. Courses

Advanced Sedimentology

A deeper investigation of modern and ancient sedimentary environments, including an overview and practical exercises in modern sedimentology techniques.

Other Institutions, 2005-2021

2019-2021 Guest Lecturer, Institutes for Geography/Geology, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Joint BSc/Msc earth sciences course (in English); 1 semester
2017-2021 Junior Faculty Member, Max Planck Graduate College
2012-2021 Lecturer, Institut für Geographie, Universität Leipzig, Germany
“Physical Geography of Australasia”
Undergraduate physical geography course (in English); 5 semesters
2010-2016 Lecturer, Leipzig School of Human Origins, Leipzig, Germany
“Quaternary geochronology: methods and applications”
Postgraduate Quaternary science courses (in English); 4 block courses   
2015 Joint Lecturer, Institut für Geographie, Universität Leipzig, Germany
Undergraduate physical geography course (in German); 1 semester + field trip
2013 Joint Lecturer, Geographisches Institut der Universität zu Köln, Germany
“Mensch-Umwelt Interaktion im Holozän”
Undergraduate Quaternary science course (in German); 1 block course
2009 Lecturer, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, ANU
“Stable isotope geochemistry and geochronology”
Undergraduate geochemistry and geochronology course; 1 semester
2007 Guest Lecturer, Centre for Archaeological Research, ANU
“Luminescence dating”
Undergraduate Quaternary science course; 1 block course
2006-2009 Geochronology laboratory tours (undergraduate and postgraduate), ANU
2005-2006 Teaching Assistant, School of Geology, ANU
Undergraduate earth and marine sciences courses and field schools; 3 semesters
2005 Graduate Teaching Program, ANU
Training program in university level teaching for graduate students




2017-2021 Mentor to female scientists, Minerva-FemmeNet, Max Planck Society.

Discussion and invited seminar on gender issues in science, Institute for Geography,

Universität zu Köln, Germany.


Representative for Australasian Quaternary Association, Federation of Australian 

Science and Technology Societies Women in Science Workshop, Parlamient House,

Canberra Australia.

Report on workshop published as: Fitzsimmons, K.E. (2009) Women in Science in 

Autralia: A workshop to discuss a new report commissioned by the Federation of 

Australian Scientific and Technological Societies. Quaternary Australasia 26, 10-12.