Environmental Biotechnology



The Angenent Lab moved from Cornell University, New York, USA into the Center for Applied Geosciences at the University of Tuebingen, and is now called the Environmental Biotechnology Group.

The Group now consists of the Angenent Lab and the Molitor Lab. The latter is led by the groupleader Dr. Bastian Molitor. We now combine bioprocess/environmental engineering with metagenomics/proteomics, and systems biology/metabolic engineering.

More information about the research group, people, and open positions can be found here:


We are teaching the courses: "Sustainable Environmental Biotechnology Systems I" in wintersemester17/18, "Sustainable Environmental Biotechnology Systems II" in summersemester 19, and Physikalische Chemie für Umweltnaturwissenschaftler in summersemester 19

We are looking for bachelor and master students! Please contact Prof. Lars Angenent or Dr. Bastian Molitor.