The World in Crisis Mode: Fighting, hedging and utilizing the corona pandemic in Greater China and Asia

GCS Colloquium Winter 2020/21

When human-to-human transmissions of a new coronavirus were first reported in January 2020, few people – most probably within China and its near-by periphery – could have foreseen the scale of the crisis that would soon follow. Within two months, a local outbreak of infections in the city of Wuhan in Central China turned into a pandemic, sending political systems worldwide into crisis-mode and redefining the complex web of international relations. The coronavirus crisis has revealed the strength and weaknesses of political regimes across Greater China and (East) Asia as each developed their own specific strategies to fight the virus. At the same time, the crisis arguably accelerated existing trends in international relations, most notably the increasing competition for global power between the U.S. and China. 

This colloquium takes stock of the political and social repercussions of this pandemic in Greater China and (East) Asia. It focuses particularly on the role of China as the major factor shaping regional and international relations and explores the dimensions of regional and global political change accelerated by the pandemic’s impact.

This lecture series is organized as a luncheon seminar via Zoom. It is an online event that takes place on Thursdays from 12.30 to 13.45. Speakers are supposed to talk no longer than 25-30 minutes, followed by 45-50 minutes Q&A. 

Please follow the links to the individual sessions for detailed information and registration. 

12 November 2020:
How may the pandemic affect political trust in China?
Li Lianjiang, Hong Kong

19 November 2020:
The pandemic and Hong Kong’s political survival
Malte Kaeding, Surrey

26 November 2020:
The governmentality of anti-epidemic politics in Taiwan
Gunter Schubert, Tübingen

3 December 2020:
Still catching up or already looking back? How the Corona pandemic changed South Koreans' view of the West
Lee You Jae, Tübingen

17 December 2020
Japan-China relations during the coronavirus crisis
Chris Hughes, LSE

14 January 2021
Covid-19 - a litmus test for Southeast Asian regionalism
Jürgen Rüland, Freiburg

21 January 2021:
COVID-19 Response in China and East Asia: Unhealthy Populism and Healthy Authoritarianism?
Mark Thompson, Hongkong

4 February 2021
Crisis outfall: the demise of US-China relations
Eberhardt Sandschneider, Berlin

11 February 2021
The European Union’s search for geopolitical space in the era of Covid-19
Hans-Jürgen Bieling, Tübingen

18 February 2021
Chinese perspectives on a world in turmoil
Gudrun Wacker, Berlin