Philosophisches Seminar



Insitutskolloqium: Prof. Christopher Shields (Notre Dame)

Ort: Alte Burse, Raum X
Datum: Mittwoch, 10.07.19
Zeit: 18 Uhr c. t. - 20 Uhr
Thema: "Good, Bad, Better, Worse. An Axiological Dispute in the Academy“

If we say that two values v1 and v2 are commensurable only if they can be compared as valuable, then if we think that v1 and v2 are in fact commensurable, we commit ourselves to a bridge principle, v3, in terms of which v1 and v2 can be ranked.  The question thus arises as to whether all bridge principles v3  and vn can in turn be compared in terms of their value relative to one another.  If we think so, we have begun an ascent, and evidently accept (or come close to accepting) an ultimate value, superordinate to all values, such as the value Plato postulated in his Form of the Good.  Some have found this preposterous or, if not preposterous, at best otiose.  On the other hand, if we deny the existence of such an ultimate value, we find ourselves challenged with respect to certain choices we may wish make.  One question is then ours to pursue: is this circumstance: (a) crippling for, (b) liberating for; or (c) just irrelevant to our practical rationality?