Institut für Erziehungswissenschaft

Philosophy – Education – School


Tübingen, 05 – 08 March 2018

Tübingen University has the pleasure to host its first Erasmus+ Staff Training Week in the framework of the Erasmus+ Program which will take place from 05 to 08 March 2018.

The 4-day program will include presentations, round table discussions, and cultural/social events. The main aim is peer-learning, networking, transfer of knowledge and sharing of experience and practice among colleagues from partner institutions from EU countries.

International networking of scientists is becoming consistently more important – not only in the field of internationally monitored studies (OECD, Pisa) and methods like evidence-based research. But also researchers in the field of humanities, especially philosophy and pedagogy can join forces in order to strengthen their efforts.

Participants work fields are either

The meeting and mutual exchange will foster the cooperation between philosophy and education.

The aim of the staff meeting is not just to catch up on topics that are currently being debated, but also to strengthen the bonds – politically, personally and philosophically – between colleagues from European partner universities who work in the same field: Philosophy – Education – School.

It is for this reason that we would like to discuss the following questions: