Teaching Summer 2022






Dialogseminar "Themen der Wirtschaftspolitik" (Q716)

Staats- oder Marktwirtschaft? Die Renaissance der staatlichen Rolle in der Wirtschaft

Wilhelm Kohler, Jürgen Stark

This seminar is held mostly in German.

Contrary to earlier announcements, the seminar cannot take place in person, due to the ongoing pandemic. Instead, there will be a full-day online meeting on Friday, April 22, 2022 in which renowned experts from academia, international organisations and politics will give presentations on individual aspects of the role of the state in the market economy. In addition, the meeting will also include a moderated debate on the topic of "The future of the Western economic model". We will make every effort to students to interact with the presenters and the panelists during the online meeting.

There will be a meeting in person at Tübingen to prepare for the seminar, taking place on Friday, April 8, 10:00 - 12:00. It is important that you read the information sheet on the preparation meeting, see here. Please note that there is a maximum number of 10 participants from Tübingen University. Applications are welcome until March 18 via the ILIAS platform (please complete the survey "Informationen zu Ihrer Person" and upload your transcript.)

Block seminar 2 6 ECTS
Apart from the Dialogseminar, no other courses will be offered by Professor Kohler, due to his retirement at the end of the winter term 2021/22.      

Internationale Wirtschaftsorganisationen (E324)

Bernhard Duijm

anticipated on May 13 and 14, 2022
(block seminar, two full days).

Colloquium 1 6 ECTS

All announcements are subject to changes for unforeseen reasons.