3 Schritte zur Anmeldung:

1. Einstufung 

Test AB oder C

2. Beratung 

via Zoom

3. Anmeldung!

ab 14. Okt. 9:00

1. Einstufung

Informationen zum Einstufungstest 

Complete Beginner A1:
You don’t need to take a placement test or an advising appointment. Simply register on October 14 here on this page.

Levels A1.2 - C2:
Für die Anmeldung zu den Kursen brauchen Sie einen Online-Einstufungstest. Das Ergebnis des Tests (Punktezahl) zeigt, auf welchem Sprach-Niveau Sie Kurse auswählen können.  

Wählen Sie Ihren Test:

Test A:

for Erasmus, Exchange & BA-students

on the German levels A1.2 und A2.1/A2.2.


You have missed the placement test?

Please contact us:

infospam prevention@daf.uni-tuebingen.de 


 Test A1: results & language levels

0-24 A1.1
25-39 A1.2
40-50 A2.1

 Test A2: results & language levels

under 15 please take the A1 test
15-24 A2.1
25-39 A2.2
40-50 A2/B1


Test B:

Beginners' Early Bird and Evening Classes for international Guest Researchers, Postdocs, Ph.D. und MA-Students (Level A1 and A2)

The placement test for these classes is based on the course book (DaF Kompakt Neu). Please find link in separate section Placement and registration: German Beginners' Courses for International Postdocs, PH.D. / M.A. Students and Guest Researchers below on this webpage.

Test C:

(zentraler Test)

Zentraler Test für alle Studierenden ab dem Level A2/B1 und höher

 Die Tests sind beendet. Sie haben noch keinen Test gemacht und möchten sich noch anmelden? Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns. 


 Was bedeuten die Punkte-Ergebnisse? 

0-35 Punkte: A2
36-45 Punkte: A2/B1
46-55 Punkte: B1.1
56-65 Punkte: B1.2
66-72 Punkte: B1/B2 oder B1+
73-82 Punkte: B2.1
83-92 Punkte: B2.2
93-99 Punkte: B2+
ab 100: C1

2. Beratung

Beratung und Hilfe bei der Kurswahl

Zwischen dem 11. und 18. Oktober findet auf ZOOM eine Kursberatung statt. Unsere Lehrerinnen und Lehrer helfen Ihnen, die richtigen Kurse zu finden. Bitte machen Sie vor der Beratung den Einstufungstest.

3. Anmeldung

Informationen zur Anmeldung:

Anmeldephase: Donnerstag, 14. Oktober (ab 9.00 Uhr) bis Mittwoch, 20. Oktober. Freie Restplätze ab 20. Oktober. 

Das Anmeldeformular finden Sie oben auf der Seite am Donnerstag, 14. Oktober, ab 9.00 Uhr

Please note: Seperate placement and registration for German Beginners' Courses for International Postdocs, PH.D. / Master Degree Students and Guest Researchers

Welcome to our online registration for Early Bird and Evening Classes German!

We offer classes mainly for complete beginners (A1.1 / A1.2 European Framework of Reference). You can choose between our Early Bird courses (no. 2) or the Evening Classes (no. 4).

There are also a few places available for participants who would like to continue training German at a beginners’ level (A1.2, A2.1, A2.2). These places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, according to placement test results.

Course registration:

Registration week: Monday, October 11 (from 9:00) through Monday, October 18.

3 Steps to Registration:

Step 1 Take the placement test at your current level (A1 or A2) save the results sent back to you by email:

This test is obligatory for the Early Bird and Evening classes – unless you are a complete beginner. You can take the test well in advance of our registration week (but don't be tempted to let others help you - to get a place in our courses, your test results should correspond to your actual level). Have the test results ready to include in the application form.

Step 2 Fill in the online application form. The link to our online form will become available from this webpage as of Monday, October 11, 9h:

Registration Form

We will review all applications by the end of the first week of term (Friday, October 22). You will then receive a message via email to let you know if we can offer you a place at your level, including detailed information for making your payment (140,00 € course fee). Courses start the following week (as of October 25/26).

Step 3 If you are offered a place, your teachers will contact you with details for your first meeting in class.