Tübingen - Virtual Intercultural Pre-Package

(Tü-VIPP), October 5 - December 18, 2020

International Students are our true VIPs! Come and sign up for TÜ-VIPP and join us online from October to December!

We are experiencing a challenging time. However, we wish to stay in touch with you despite the pandemic and despite the fact that a lot of you cannot travel or attend Tübingen University in the fall/winter semester. Therefore, we have developed a virtual program for you called TÜ-VIPP consisting of a variety of very interesting, intercultural and interactive courses. The application deadline for the program is the 30th August and we hope that you apply and that you take one, two, or more courses from our virtual pre-package which promotes intercultural exchange. This will be a fantastic preparation for you and your possible “real” stay in presence at Tübingen University in 2021. We are looking forward to meeting you this fall!

Dr. Christine Rubas, Head of the International Office at Tübingen University

The program at a glance

Course Schedule

  • Welcome to Tübingen - A digital German Class
  • Germany - NOW!
  • Access tour Germany
  • Intercultural Communication "Insight Germany - (Ex)Change your Perspectives"
  • Waging Peace through Intercultural Understanding
  • Think Globally: International Tandems on Global Issues [GER C1]
  • Living and studying internationally: an intercultural exploration [GER B1/B2]
  • The Tandem Program
  • The Buddy Program

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  • Application deadline: August 30, 2020

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  • Undergraduate and graduate students from North and South America, Africa and Europe from all fields of study
  • Participants must be enrolled as students
  • Very good command of English

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Credits & Grades

  • Participants can obtain credits in the courses.

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Technical Requirements

  • The courses will be based on online material that you can access at any time using Tübingen university’s ILIAS and MOODLE system, as well as on live online discussions via ZOOM.

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Fees & Costs

  • Participation in the courses will be free of charge.