Buddy Program "Get-a-Buddy!"

To support you during your stay in Tübingen we have set up a Buddy Program in which a student of the University of Tübingen teams up with an incoming international student. The Buddy Program aims to initiate a cultural and personal exchange between international students and the students of Tübingen, to expand one’s own cultural horizon, as well as the strengthening of intercultural skills and competences. The Buddy Program will allow you to get to know German student life first-hand and to make friends.

Please do not confound this buddy program with other buddy programs of the University of Tübingen!

Registration starts August 17th at 12 pm.
The link to the registration form will be published here.

Registration was possible until 17th October for the international students. For the experienced Tübingen students the registration is extended until Tuesday 19.10. 4 pm.
We will only start matching the Buddy Teams after this deadline. Thank you for your patience :)

As an incoming International Student please register for the Buddy Program via this form:
Registration is no longer possible. All registrations received by October 17, 23:59 will be considered.

As an experienced Tübingen student who is already studying here please use this form:
Registration is no longer possible. All registrations received by October 20, 11 am will be considered.

We will try to assign an international Student to everyone who registers for the Get-a-Buddy Program, but we cannot guarantee it, unfortunately.

In case of questions, please contact us via coronaservice-incomingspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

Important information for local buddies:

This program can be used for credit toward the Intercultural Thinking & Acting certificate.