Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

Internationalization at home

Meet international students from all over the world!

The University of Tübingen offers various opportunities for its students to engage in "internationalization at home". Students at the University Tübingen have the chance to gain international and cultural experience without having to leave their home university. 

International Education Week

The International Education Week for international and local teacher candidates is a summer school, which will take place in July/August 2022. During this week, students from various countries are able come together at University Tübingen to study and work on different projects, as well as learning and reflecting about educational systems and teaching across borders.

Tandem Learning

The Tandem program enables language learning in teams of two for international and German students in a private and relaxed setting. You will get in touch with people from a different country, have a language exchange and build bridges between your cultures.

The Foreign Language Center (FSZ)

Learning different languages from beginner to advanced level for students of all faculties is being offered by the Foreign Language Center (Fremdsprachenzentrum) at Universität Tübingen.

Internship German as a Foreign Language

The department of German as a Foreign Language and Intercultural Programs offers German-speaking students of any subject to sit in on their courses for international students. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in working with international groups, developing cultural skills, practice teaching and support social and cultural integration.


Among eight other European institutions of higher education, the University of Tübingen is part of the CIVIS – A European Civic University alliance. CIVIS intends to enable collaborative learning, teaching and research with partners across Europe and also offers digital events for its students to participate in.

Buddy Programs

In this buddy program, students from University Tübingen accompany international students in Tübingen (or digitally) for a certain period of time, to enable a mutual cultural exchange and offer support as a contact person. You can be a buddy within the following programs:

  • Exchange buddy program
  • Degree-seeking buddy program
  • Tü-VIPP buddy program (digital)
  • IES buddy program