Zentrum für Islamische Theologie

Dr. Bilal Badat

Visiting Researcher at the Chair of Islamic Doctrine


Bilal Badat is an archaeologist and art-historian specialising in the history of Islamic art and architecture. His research interests include the history of Islamic calligraphy in the Persianate world, Islamic manuscript culture, Islamic aesthetics, and Islamic education and pedagogy.

Bilal completed his masters in Islamic Art and Archaeology at the University of Oxford, and wrote his doctorate on the concept of pedagogy and style in Islamic calligraphy at the Prince's School of Traditional Arts. In order to support his research, Bilal studied calligraphy in Istanbul for over five years under master calligrapher Efdaluddin Kılıç, obtaining his calligraphic license, or ijazah, in the thuluth and naskh scripts in 2017.

Bilal came to the Center of Islamic Theology as a Teach@Tübingen fellow in 2017/2018. He was the principal investigator in an AIWG funded project entitled 'Beauty and Islamic Theology' (2020-21), which aimed to explore the rich and diverse relationships between theology, art, and aesthetics in the Islamic world. He has also lectured on Islamic art and architecture at the University of St. Andrews and the University of Tubingen, where he offered modules entitled 'Early and Medieval Islamic Art and Architecture', 'Art and Architecture of the Ottoman and Persianate world', 'Beauty and Islamic Theology: Art, Ethics, and Aesthetics', 'Formation of Character: Adab, Akhlaq, and Futuwwa', and 'Persianate Manuscript Culture'. Currently, Bilal is visiting researcher at the University of Tubingen, and also works as a specialist curator of Islamic art. He also offers consultancy services for Islamic heritage and museum projects, projects in the cultural sector, and Islamic architecture and design.