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F. Jessen, M. Knufinke, S. C. Bell, P. Vergien, H. Hattermann, P. Weiss, M. Rudolph et al.

Appl. Phys. B 116, 665-671 (2013)



Trapping of ultra cold atoms in a 3He/4He dilution refrigerator

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K. Broch, C. Bürker, J. Dieterle, S. Krause, A. Gerlach, F. Schreiber

Phys. stat. sol. (RRL) 7, 1084 (2013)

Impact of molecular tilt angle on the absorption spectra of pentacene:perfluoropentacene blends

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N. Ruppelt, O. Vavra, H. Sickinger, E. Goldobin, D. Koelle, R. Kleiner, H. Kohlstedt

Appl. Phys. A 229, 229-232 (2013)

Combinatorial sputtering in planetary type systems for alloy libraries with perpendicular gradients of layer thickness and composition realised by a timing approach

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K. Broch, A. Gerlach, C. Lorch, J. Dieterle, J. Novak, A. Hinderhofer, F. Schreiber

J. Chem. Phys. 139, 174709 (2013)

Structure formation in perfluoropentacene:diindenoperylene blends and its impact on transient effects in the optical properties studied in real-time during growth

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J. Mihaljevic, C. Hafner, A.J. Meixner

Optics express 21, 25926-25943 (2013)

Simulation of a metallic SNOM tip illuminated by a parabolic mirror

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R. Frank

Appl. Phys. B 113, 41-47 (2013)



Population trapping and inversion in ultracold Fermi gases by excitation of the optical lattice: non-equilibrium Floquet–Keldysh description

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D. Bothner, M. Knufinke, H. Hattermann, R. Wölbing, B. Ferdinand, P. Weiss, S. Bernon et al.

New J. Phys. 15, 093024 (2013)



Inductively coupled superconducting half wavelength resonators as persistent current traps for ultracold atoms

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D. Koelle

Nature Nanotechnol. 8, 617-618 (2013)

Magnetic sensors: A tip for better sensing

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J. Nagel, A. Buchter, F. Xue, O. F. Kieler, T. Weimann, J. Kohlmann et al.

Phys. Rev. B 88, 064425 (2013)



Nanoscale multifunctional sensor formed by a Ni nanotube and a scanning Nb nanoSQUID

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S. Bernon, H. Hattermann, D. Bothner, M. Knufinke, P. Weiss, F. Jessen, D. Cano et al.

Nature Commun. 4, 2380 (2013)



Manipulation and coherence of ultra-cold atoms on a superconducting atom-chip

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M. Grünzweig, P. Mikheenko, C. Grünzweig, S. Mühlbauer, R. Kleiner, D. Koelle, T. H. Johansen



Dendritic flux avalanches in Niobium single crystal near critical temperature

A. Buchter, J. Nagel, D. Rüffer, F. Xue, D. P. Weber, O. F. Kieler, T. Weimann et al.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 067202 (2013)



Reversal mechanism of an individual Ni nanotube simultaneously studied by torque and SQUID magnetometry

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R. Werner, A. Yu. Aladyshkin, I. M. Nefedov, A. V. Putilov, M. Kemmler, D. Bothner et al.

Supercond. Sci. Technol. 26, 095011 (2013)



Edge superconductivity in Nb thin film microbridges revealed by electric transport measurements and visualized by scanning laser microscopy

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K. Vasseur, K. Broch, A. L. Ayzner, B. P. Rand, D. Cheyns, C. Frank, F. Schreiber et al.

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 5, 8505 (2013)

Controlling the texture and crystallinity of evaporated lead phthalocyanine thin films for near-infrared sensitive solar cells

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D. Auwärter, J. Mihaljevic, A.J. Meixner, C. Zimmermann, S. Slama

Physical Review A 88, 063830 (2013)

Coupling of optical far fields into apertureless plasmonic nanofiber tips

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C. Schäfer, D. A. Gollmer, A. Horrer, J. Fulmes, A. Weber-Bargioni, S. Cabrini et al.

Nanoscale 5, 7861-7866 (2013)

A single particle plasmon resonance study of 3D conical nanoantennas

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U. Welp, K. Kadowaki, R. Kleiner

Nature Photonics 7, 702-710 (2013)

Superconducting emitters of THz radiation

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E. Goldobin, R. Kleiner, D. Koelle, R. G. Mints

Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 057004 (2013)



Phase retrapping in a point-like φ Josephson junction: The butterfly effect

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B. Gross, J. Yuan, D. Y. An, M. Y. Li, N. Kinev, X. J. Zhou, M. Ji, Y. Huang, T. Hatano et al.

Phys. Rev. B 88, 014524 (2013)



Modeling the linewidth dependence of coherent THz emission from intrinsic Josephson junction stacks in the hot-spot regime

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A. Horrer, C. Schäfer, K. Broch, D. A. Gollmer, J. Rogalski, J. Fulmes, D. Zhang et al.

Small 9, 3987 (2013)

Parallel fabrication of plasmonic nanocone sensing arrays

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E. Goldobin, H. Sickinger, M. Weides, N. Ruppelt, H. Kohlstedt, R. Kleiner, D. Koelle

Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 242602 (2013)



Memory cell based on a φ Josephson junction

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E. Goldobin, R. Kleiner, D. Koelle

Phys. Rev. B 87, 224501 (2013)



Fractional vortex in asymmetric 0- π long Josephson junctions

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D. Zhang, A.J. Meixner

Buchkapitel in „Handbook of Molecular Plasmonics, 355“ , (2013)

Parabolic Mirror–Assisted Gap-Mode Optical Ultramicroscopy

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R. Wölbing, J. Nagel, T. Schwarz, O. Kieler, T. Weimann, J. Kohlmann et al.

Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 192601 (2013)



Nb nano superconducting quantum interference devices with high spin sensitivity for operation in magnetic fields up to 0.5 T

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D. M. Heim, K. Vogel, W. P. Schleich, D. Koelle, R. Kleiner, E. Goldobin

New J. Phys. 15, 053020 (2013)



A tunable macroscopic quantum system based on two fractional vortices

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D. M. Heim, N. G. Pugach, M. Yu. Kupriyanov, E. Goldobin, D. Koelle, R. Kleiner

J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 25, 215701 (2013)



Ferromagnetic planar Josephson junction with transparent interfaces: a φ junction proposal

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R. Banerjee, J. Novak, C. Frank, C. Lorch, A. Hinderhofer, A. Gerlach, and F. Schreiber

Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 185506 (2013)


Evidence for kinetically limited thickness dependent phase separation in organic thin film blends

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C. Clauss, D. Bothner, D. Koelle, R. Kleiner, L. Bogani, M. Scheffler, M. Dressel

Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 162601 (2013)



Broadband electron spin resonance from 500 MHz to 40 GHz using superconducting coplanar waveguides

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A. Horneber, A.-L. Baudrion, P.-M. Adam, A.J. Meixner, D. Zhang

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 15, 8031-803 (2013)

Compositional-asymmetry influenced non-linear optical processes of plasmonic nanoparticle dimers

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S. Guénon, S. Scharinger, S. Wang, J. G. Ramírez, D. Koelle, R. Kleiner, I. K. Schuller

Europhys. Lett. 101, 57003 (2013)



Electrical breakdown in a V2O3 device at the insulator-to-metal transition

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D. Y. An, J. Yuan, N. Kinev, M. Y. Li, Y. Huang, M. Ji, H. Zhang, Z. L. Sun, L. Kang et al.

Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 092601 (2013)

Terahertz emission and detection both based on high-Tc superconductors: Towards an integrated receiver

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G. Heimel, S. Duhm, I. Salzmann, A. Gerlach, A. Strozecka, J. Niederhausen et al.

Nature Chemistry 5, 187-194 (2013)

Charged and metallic molecular monolayers through surface-induced aromatic stabilization

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S. Kühn, T. E. Judd

Phys. Rev. A 87, 023608 (2013)

Transport of dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates in a one-dimensional optical lattice

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C. Raisch, R. Werner, R. Kleiner, D. Koelle, M. Glaser, T. Chassé, C. Langheinrich, A. Chassé

J. Appl. Phys. 113, 063511 (2013)

X-ray photoelectron diffraction study of dopant effects in La0.7X0.3MnO3 (X = La, Sr, Ca, Ce) thin films

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M. Hentschel, J. Dorfmüller, H. Giessen, S. Jäger, A.M. Kern, K. Braun, D. Zhang, A.J. Meixner

Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 4, 57-65 (2013)

Plasmonic oligomers in cylindrical vector light beams

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F. Anger, R. Scholz, E. Adamski, K. Broch, A. Gerlach, Y. Sakamoto, T. Suzuki, and F. Schreiber

Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 13308 (2013)

Optical properties of fully and partially fluorinated rubrene in films and solution

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T. Schwarz, J. Nagel, R. Wölbing, M. Kemmler, R. Kleiner, D. Koelle

ACS Nano 7, 844 (2013)

Low-Noise Nano Superconducting Quantum Interference Device Operating in Tesla Magnetic Fields

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