Joint seminar of CRC CAMPOS and RTG Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling

Summer Semester 2020

Friday, 08.05.2020

2:15 - 3:15 pm

P7 Stochastic Modeling Framework of Catchment-Scale Reactive Transport

Olaf Cirpka, Tobias Weber, Thilo Streck, Wolfgang Nowak


1:15 - 2:15 pm


P1 Rain-Driven Dynamics of Sources, Fate, and Mixture Toxicity of Organic Pollutants in Rivers

Christiane Zarfl, Stephanie Spahr, Christian Zwiener, Beate Escher


4:15 - 5:15 pm

P2 Pollutant Turnover in the Groundwater-Stream Transition Zone of Contrasting Lower-Order Sub-Catchments

Jan Fleckenstein, Tillmann Lüders, Martin Elsner, Peter Grathwohl


4:15 - 5:15 pm

P4 Redox Dynamics and Contaminant Fate in Floodplain Sediments

Adrian Mellage, Stefan Haderlein, Andreas Kappler


4:15 - 5:15 pm

P5 Pollutant Transformations at the Groundwater-Rock Interface

Sara Kleindienst, Peter Grathwohl, Andreas Kappler, Karsten Osenbrück

Monday, 08.06.2020

4:15 - 5:15 pm

P3 Water & Solute Fluxes across Floodplain Margins

Carsten Leven, Olaf Cirpka, Peter Dietrich

Tuesday, 09.06.2020

4:15 - 5:15 pm

P6 Controls of the fate of agrochemicals in soils

Christian Poll, Ellen Kandeler, Thilo Streck, Holger Pagel, Stefan Haderlein,Carolin Huhn

Friday, 12.06.2020

2:15 - 3:15

S2 Maintenance and Support for Basic Modeling

INF Data Mangement

Michael Finkel, Olaf Cirpka

Friday, 19.06.2020

4:15 - 5:15 pm

Glyphosate degradation experiments in the Environmental Omics group: Progress update and future plans

Adrian Langarica Fuentes, CAMPOS P5/ Omics


Thursday, 13.08.2020

10:15 - 11:15 am

Tritium-Helium Dating of Groundwater in the Fractured and Karstified Muschelkalk Aquifer of the Ammer Catchment. Lecture Hall, GUZ

Freya Fünfgeld, P5

Winter Semester 2019/2020

18.10.2019 LC-MS screening strategies for micropollutants in the Ammer catchment and other S1 activities Martina Werneburg, CAMPOS P1/S1
25.10.2019 Abiotic Dechlorination of Trichloroethene by Naturally Occurring Ferrous Minerals under Oxic and Anoxic Conditions Charles E. Schaefer, Director of CDM Smith's Bellevue, Washington


3:15 pm Lecture Hall

Forecasting Contaminant Plume Conditions in Fractured Rock: Insights from Novel DFN-M Characterization Methods (GeoEnviron Seminar)

Beth L. Parker, University of Guelph (Canada)


3:15 pm Lecture


Enhanced Removal of Hydrophilic Trace Organic Contaminants from Urban Stormwater in Biochar-Amended Biofilters (GeoEnviron Seminar) Stephanie Spahr, University of Tübingen


all day

3rd CAMPOS Science Meeting Researchers CAMPOS P1 - P8
22.11.2019 Geological and Hydrogeological Model of the Ammer Catchment Fernando Mazo D'Affonseca and Michael Finkel, CAMPOS S2


3:15 pm Lecture


DNAPL Bioremediation: Treatment Assessment and Long-Term Substainability (GeoEnviron Seminar) Alexander Haluska, University of Tübingen

Microbial nitrogen turnover processes in a karstified aquifer

Anna-Neva Visser, former CAMPOS P5, University of Basel
13.12.2019 Event Sampling: Concepts, Results from CAMPOS and Perspectives Marc Schwientek, CAMPOS P2/P1


2:15 - 4:30 pm Lecture Hall

Mini Symposium: Shikimate Pathway Inhibitors Glyphosate & 7-deoxy-sedoheptulose: Effects and Environmental Fate

Stephanie Grond, Klaus Brilisauer, Karl Forchhammer, Stefan Haderlein, CAMPOS P4, Carolin Huhn, CAMPOS P4, University of Tübingen


31.01.2020 Insights into microbial pollutant degradation using Omics techniques Sara Kleindienst, CAMPOS P5


10 am - 3 pm
Workshop for young investigators: Building and leading a research group - from selecting and supervising group members to conflict solving, time management and work-life balance Andreas Kappler, CAMPOS P4/P5

Summer Semester 2019





3:15 pm

Flux and mass balance in complex porous media from well to watershed scales

(GeoEnviron Seminar)

Michael D. Annable, Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences, University of Florida


3:15 pm

Trace organic compounds in urban streams and their hyporheic zones (GeoEnviron Seminar)


Jörg Lewandowski, IGB


The various aspects of glyphosate: Glyphosate authorization in the EU and further environmentally relevant aspects

Carolin Huhn, CAMPOS P4, Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, University of Tübingen


HS-Zentrum Morgenstelle

15 - 22 Uhr

TÜFFF-Tübinger Fenster für Forschung


Martin Ebner, Carolin Huhn, Andreas Kappler, Hermann Rügner, Thomas Walter, Christiane Zarfl, Christian Zwiener et al, University of Tübingen
07.06.2019 Transport of phosphorus in rivers Harald Neidhardt, Geography/Geoecology, University of Tübingen


9 am - 4:30 pm

Frontiers in Sedimentology Seminar 1


Andreas Gärtner, LKA Germany

Arnoud Slootman, King Fahd University of Dhahran

Laura Stutenbecker, TU Darmstadt

Jeremy Caves-Rugenstein, MPI Hamburg/

Senckenberg Frankfurt

Sheila Trampush, University of Califoria Berkeley


9 am - 3:30 pm

Frontiers in Sedimentology Seminar 2


Emilia Jarochowska, GeoZentrum, Germany

Bertus Smith, University of Johannesburg

Jan-Peter Duda, University of California Riverside/

University of Göttingen

Guilhem Douillet, University of Bern

12.07.2019 Geosymposium and Quenstedt-Anniversary celebration 2019  

Winter Semester 2018/2019




Tuesday 16.10.2018

4:15 pm

Room S227

Optimal design of experiments (model selection based) within the CAMPOS project context Ana Gonzales Nicolas, CAMPOS P8, Uni S


3:15 pm


In Situ Microbial Community Composition and Metabolic Potential for Pollutant Transformations in a Fractured Rock Aquifer

(see GeoEnviron Seminar Schedule)

Nia Blackwell, CAMPOS P5
26.10.2018 Non-target screening strategies for surface waters of the Ammer catchment - Identification of dominant input sources and transformation processes Martina Werneburg, CAMPOS P1/S1


3:15 pm


Determining Redox Properties of Clay-Rich Sediments

(see GeoEnviron Seminar Schedule)

Thilo Behrends, Department of Earth Sciences - Geochemistry, University of Utrecht
09.11.2018 Reports of the subproject data management

Data managers, CAMPOS


Postprocessing of Finite-Element Velocity Fields for Accurate Particle Tracking Philipp Selzer, RTG
23.11.2018 Description of a spatially distributed parameter by combining information from different types of observations of the primary parameter at different locations Bo Xiao, University of Tübingen


3:15 pm


Interfaces in Porous-Media Systems are Everywhere: Evaporation and Salt Precipitation at the Atmosphere-Unsaturated Interface

(see GeoEnviron Seminar Schedule)

Rainer Helmig, IWS, University of Stuttgart
14.12.2018 Lysimeter meets good agricultural practice Michael Lesch, CAMPOS P6


3:15 pm

Spatial Variations in Microbial Processes Controlling Carbon Oxidation in Soils Marco Keiluweit, University of Massachusetts


3:15 pm


Interaction of Microplastics with Organic Compounds - Influence of Particle Aging on Sorption and Desorption

(see GeoEnviron Seminar Schedule)

Thorsten Hüffer, Department of Environmental Geosciences, University of Vienna

Talk Benedikt Wimmer new date 08.02.2019



3:15 pm


High-Frequency Chemical and Isotopic Dynamics from "Lab in the Field" Measurements

(see GeoEnviron Seminar Schedule)

James Kirchner, ETH Zurich

Role of bacteria dispersion for biodegradation of mobile substrates


Alexandre Coche, CNRS, University of Rennes (France)
01.02.2019 Milestone Presentation: Modeling Microbial Regulation of Pesticide Turnover in Soils

Luciana Chavez Rodriguez, RTG, University of Hohenheim

08.02.2019 The environmental fate of glyphosate and AMPA - analytical considerations Benedikt Wimmer, CAMPOS P4



Science Meeting CAMPOS  

Summer Semester 2018




17.04.2018 Finding the Best Model for My Modeling Task: Play-It-Safe vs. No-Risk-No-Fun Marvin Höge, RTG
24.04.2018 Determination of denitrification rates in pyrite-rich limestone aquifer using free-living microbial community Natalia Jakus, CAMPOS P5



Microbial Ecotoxicology to Illuminate the Yin-yang Sides of Pesticides Interactions with Soil Microorganisms (see GeoEnviron Seminar Schedule) Fabrice Martin-Laurent, Université de Bourgogne
08.05.2018 Data Management in CAMPOS (INF-Project)

Albrecht Baur, Michael Finkel, CAMPOS INF



Bottlenecks of Atrazine Degradation: Bioavailability Limitation or Physiological Adaptation? (Bodenkundliches Kolloquium, Universität Hohenheim) Martin Elsner, TU München


Chemical Characterization and Electrochemical Properties of Ammer Valley Soils Johanna Schlögl, CAMPOS P4



Geological and Hydrogeological Modeling of the Muschelkalk Aquifer in the Ammer Catchment (see GeoEnviron Seminar Schedule) Fernando Mazo D'Affonseca, University of Tübingen


Combining in vitro reporter gene bioassays with chemical analysis to assess changes in the water quality along the Ammer River Maximillian Müller, CAMPOS P1



Modelling of soil-plant interactions (Bodenkundliches Kolloquium, Universität Hohenheim) Andrea Schnepf, Forschungszentrum Jülich
05.06.2018 Modelling the transport of sediments and attached PAHs in rivers Yan Liu, RTG



Spatial and Temporal Variation of Soil Microbial Communities Under Changing Environment (see GeoEnviron Seminar Schedule) Ellen Kandeler, University of Hohenheim
12.06.2018 cancelled Antonio Herández-Espriú, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México



3D mapping of soil hydraulic properties (Bodenkundliches Kolloquium, Universität Hohenheim) Brigitta Tóth, University of Pannonia, Hungary

Birdsall-Dreiss Distinguished Lecture:

Do you know where your catchment ends? The role of inter-basin groundwater flow and hydrogeologic transience in hydrologic processes

David Boutt, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

26.06.2018 tba  
03.07.2018 Exploring the effects of geological realism on graundwater flow and solute transport Jeremy Bennett, RTG



3:15 pm Lecture Hall

Darcy-Lecture-Alpine Hydrogeology: The Critical Role of Groundwater in Sourcing the Headwaters of the World Masaki Hayashi, University of Calgary


Glöckner: Identifying the turnover of agricultural micropollutants in sub-catchments using Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA)

Cramaro: Spatio-temporal dynamics of microbial communities and their processes in floodplain sediments

Wang: Dissecting sedimentary microbial populations in reactive hot spots of the transition zone between groundwater and surface water of a first-order stream

David Glöckler, CAMPOS P2, TUM

Lena Cramaro CAMPOS P4, HGMU




Spatial heterogeneity of land surface states and fluxes in an agricultural landscape: combining simulation, field data and remote sensing (Bodenkundliches Kolloquium, Universität Hohenheim) Tim Reichenau, University of Cologne

Geology of the Ammer valley near Unterjesingen

Hydrogeology of the Ammer River Floodplain

Stefan Klingler, CAMPOS P3

Simon Martin, CAMPOS P3


Field-based approaches to determine attenuation processes of organic micropollutants in the Ammer River

Clarissa Glaser, CAMPOS P1


Working with multiple models - what makes them differ and how can they be visualized Aline Schäfer, CAMPOS P8, Uni S


4:15 - 5:15 pm

Conceptual Hydrological Modelling of the Lerma Catchment, Spain

Surface Water-Groundwater Modelling of the Eramosa Test Site, Canada

Christine Gomez, Canada

Alex Thoms, Canada

Winter Semester 2017/18




Oct 24 Pesticide Inventory analysis – what’s left from good agricultural practice Michael Lesch, CAMPOS, University of Tübingen
Nov 7 Newly developed CE-MS-Method for Glyphosate quantification and speciation in environmental samples Benedikt Wimmer, CAMPOS, University of Tübingen

Friday Nov 10

Linking contaminant fate and biogeochemical cycle (see GeoEnviron Seminar Schedule) Ana Sobek, Stockholm University
Nov 21 Hydrophysikalische Charakterisierung von Hochmooren und Simulation des CO2 Austausch mit der Atmosphäre Tobias Weber, CAMPOS, University of Hohenheim
Friday Nov 24 The Hessian Ried: Understanding processes and risks impacting groundwater quality (see GeoEnviron Seminar Schedule) Christoph Schüth, University of Darmstadt
Nov 28 Tracing the fate of nitrate in agricultural catchments by stable isotope techniques Kay Knöller, UFZ, Halle
Friday Dec 1


Daniel Hunkeler, Université de Neuchâtel

Dec 5 AGU Presentation practice  

Monday Dec 18

Konsistente Modelle für die effektive Beschreibung der Bodenwasseraufnahme durch Pflanzenwurzeln (Bodenkundliches Kolloquium, Universität Hohenheim) Andre Peters, TU Braunschweig

Friday Jan 12
Großer Senat

1. CAMPOS Science Meeting & 2. CAMPOS General Assembly
Friday Jan 19 People, plastics and pollutants: Passive sampling of organic contaminants in the Great Lakes (and beyond) (see GeoEnviron Seminar Schedule) Rainer Lohmann, University of Rhode Island, USA

Monday Jan 22

Importance of soil water dynamics for the accurate representation of the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System (Bodenkundliches Kolloquium, Universität Hohenheim) Efstathios Diamantopoulos, University of Copenhagen
Jan 23 Calibration and Validation of the XN-GECROS Model with Soybean (Glycine max) and Durum (Triticum durum) Data from Southwest Germany Luciana Chavez Rodriguez, University of Hohenheim
Friday Jan 26 The Swiss FluxNet: Greenhouse gas fluxes, C sequestration and N2O mitigation options from arable and grassland sites (see GeoEnviron Seminar Schedule) Nina Buchmann, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Jan 30 Hydrological and biogeochemical characterization of the CAMPOS sub-catchment "Schönbrunnen" Oscar Jimenez Fernandez, CAMPOS, University of Tübingen
Feb 13 Uranium in groundwater - Where it goes and why Thomas Riedel, IWW Zentrum Wasser, Mülheim an der Ruhr


Summer Semester 2017




04.04.17 Model Complexity is not equal to Model Complexity Marvin Höge, University of Tübingen
11.04.17 HGS Modelling of the Steinlach River Meander Evan McLaughlin, University of Waterloo, Canada

Monday 22.05.17

Deforestation on Southeast Asian Climate and Agriculture

(Bodenkundliches Kolloquium, Universität Hohenheim)

Merja Tölle, Universität Gießen
30.05.17 CAMPOS Data Management Albrecht Baur, Michael Finkel, University of Tübingen
13.06.17 Impact of Urbanization on Groundwater Recharge: The Case Study of Dübendorf, Switzerland Mario Schirmer, EAWAG Dübendorf

Monday 19.06.17

Darcy Lecture - The Critical Role of Water in Critical Zone Science: An Exploration of Water Fluxes in the Earth’s Permeable Skin Kamini Singha, Colorado School of Mines, USA



Marianne Kuntz, University of Hohenheim
27.06.17 Managing Environmental and Financial Risk in Urban Water Supply Systems Harrison B. Zeff, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
11.07.17 Forest-grassland mosaics of the world: their ecology and human-environment coupling Madhur Anand, University of Guelph, Canada
18.07.17 Water, vegetation, and nutrient cycles under anthropogenic and environmental change Joshua R. Larsen, University of Queensland, Australia
25.07.17 (Meta)proteomics: Using the power of mass spectrometry to identify proteins that control metabolic activities in microbial communities Nico Jehmlich, UFZ Leipzig

Winter Semester 2016/17




20.09.16 Multiple-point statistics: a powerful tool for the characterization of heterogeneity in space and time Alessandro Comunian, University of Milan


Connectivity - a key to upscaling complex subsurface problems Matthias Willmann, ETH Zürich


Spatial Dependence of the MADE- Hydraulic Conductivity Data-Set Bo Xiao, University of Tübingen

see GeoEnviron Seminar Schedule

17.11.16 Milestone Presentation - Bayesian legitimacy of Different Hydro(geo)logical Model Concepts Marvin Höge, University of Tübingen


Insights on aquifer heterogeneity from specialized field tests Emilio Sanchez, University of Tübingen
  Comparing Models and Methods for the Delineation of Stream Baseflow Contribution Areas Reynold Chow, University of Tübingen


Apples & Oranges of Hyporheic Transport Julia Knapp, University of Tübingen
06.12.16 Master Thesis Presentation - Testing a portable mass spectrometer system for on-site analysis of dissolved gases Jens Brückmann, University of Tübingen
10.01.17 Sedimentary Anisotropy Jeremy Bennett, University of Tübingen
17.01.17 Milestone Presentation - Limitations of pollutant transformations in top soil Gianna Marschmann, University of Tübingen
24.01.17 Master Thesis Presentation - The EM algorithm for the calculation of (Bayesian) model weights Simon Krause, University of Tübingen