Interdisziplinäre Amerikastudien mit integriertem Auslandsjahr - Bachelor Hauptfach

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The B.A. program in Interdisciplinary American Studies (IAS) offers students a strong core curriculum of courses in literary and cultural studies and a flexible elective curriculum incorporating related disciplines such as history, political science, media studies and sociology. Taught by a dedicated staff – including three full professors in American Studies – the IAS program aims at enabling students to apply the tools and approaches developed by different disciplines to advance a critical understanding of the American experience in a global context.

The IAS program stands out by offering a Mobility Option: Students can decide to extend their program for a year to study at one of our American partner universities and/or do an internship in Germany or abroad. The strong English-language component of the program – intensive writing skills as well as advanced translation and oral communication courses – prepares IAS students to express themselves in excellent English at a near-native level.

The IAS program provides all the analytical and communication skills of a liberal arts education, fosters strong intercultural competence, and qualifies students for a large number of M.A. programs as well as a wide array of professional careers.

The University of Tübingen has a long history of excellence in American Studies and provides students with outstanding study resources and conditions. Our various university libraries hold a large collection of books, journals, and media dealing with America, complemented by the collection of the local German-American Institute. Tübingen itself is one of Germany’s oldest, most attractive university towns, with a large and vibrant student population.

An excellent command of English is expected; selected courses of the elective curriculum may be conducted in German.

This is a Mono-Bachelor Program with an integrative interdisciplinary elective curriculum. Therefore, there is no additional minor subject.

Interdisciplinary American Studies students develop the skills – critical thinking and analysis, research design and synthesis, academic writing and presentation – that will prepare them for a variety of careers in academic research and teaching, publishing, journalism, new media, cultural management, public administration, international organizations, consulting, or marketing and sales. IAS graduates are also attractive to a wide range of employers because of their excellent English language abilities, their interdisciplinary understanding of the United States, and their experience with inter-cultural communication.

Graduates of the B.A. program with a good grade average will have the option of pursuing our M.A. program in American Studies; students with a good M.A. grade average may apply to do their PhD.

An information meeting for first-year students will take place during the first week of the semester. The date, time and room will be announced on the American Studies homepage as well as on the following homepage

Die Prüfungsverwaltung erfolgt durch das Zentrale Prüfungsamt der Universität Tübingen

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