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Master of Education-Erweiterungsfach




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This program will enable students to achieve excellence in academic English, linguistic analysis, cultural studies, as well as the interpretation and evaluation of literary texts.

We pride ourselves on offering our students a wide variety of courses and programs ranging from Beowulf (the only complete Germanic epic) and Shakespeare to contemporary American and British novels, photography and film.

The program, commencing every winter semester, may be studied as a major or minor subject under the regulations of the GymPO II. It consists of five core aspects:
• Academic English
• Cultural Studies
• Didactics
• Linguistics
• Literary Studies

The teaching program is comprised of an academic and a didacticspart.

The academic part focuses on the study of language and literature, the latter being designed to impart the methods and knowledge of literary and cultural analysis. The study of language is concerned with its history, its systems (grammatical, lexical) and language as a means of communication (Pragmatics, Syntax, Social and Psycholinguistics, Language Acquisition and Development).

To combine the academic knowledge with the demands of the classroom is the most important aspect of didactics. Students will be introduced to methods of teaching language and literature, empirical research in the field of education, and concepts for analysing and planning lessons in language and literature.

Nur als Hauptfach möglich.


Die Prüfungsverwaltung erfolgt durch das Zentrale Prüfungsamt der Universität Tübingen

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Im Wintersemester 2017/2018 sind für Englisch Lehramt rund 1500 Studenten eingeschrieben.