20.06.2024 | College of Fellows

Landscape and Imaginary: Philosophy, Arts, Literature



20.06.2024 bis 21.06.2024


Neue Aula, Raum 236, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz

Weiterführende Informationen : https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/research/centers-and-institutes/college-of-fellows/events/#c1940300

The concept of "landscape" has expanded to include various terms like "cityscape" and "soundscape," as well as typologies such as "cultural landscape" and "digital landscape," reflecting its richness. However, the term's ambiguity with similar words like "atmosphere" and "setting" requires further discussion. Landscape's evolution involves a shift in thought, particularly critiquing dualism and attempting to bridge dichotomies like nature-culture and object-subject. The workshop will explore the relationship between landscape and the imaginary across philosophy, arts, and literature, with themes including perception, identity, and ecology, as well as transdisciplinary reflections by artists using the metaphor of the window in art processes.

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