24.06.2022 | Universität Tübingen, Dezernat II - Forschung

Maria von Linden Lecture: Regulated Targeting to the Endoplasmic Reticulum in the Context of Sterol metabolism

Science & Career Talks / Maria von Linden Lecture

Datum :

24.06.2022 10:00 Uhr

Veranstaltungsort :

Interfaculty Institute of Cell Biology, seminar room 2.034/2.033, 2nd floor, Auf der Morgenstelle 15, 72076 Tübingen and online

Referent/in :

Prof. Dr. Blanche Schwappach-Pignataro, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

Weiterführende Informationen : https://uni-tuebingen.de/en/221946#c1598438

Prof. Dr. Blanche Schwappach-Pignataro’s research focuses on membrane proteins and their sorting and stability, relevant to understanding human diseases that are based on perturbations in these processes. She discovered a new class of endoplasmic reticulum localization signals and showed that these signals are involved in controlling the arrangement of ion channels and their incorporation into the plasma membrane. Prof. Schwappach-Pignataro's research also focuses on the intracellular GET signaling pathway. Here, she discovered a new function for Get3-ATPase in protective mechanisms that prevent toxic protein aggregation, which is of high relevance for future pharmacological interventions.

The talk takes place in collaboration with Maria von Linden Lecture (Promoting Women in Science) and Athene Mentoring.

Host: Prof. Dr. Tassula Proikas-Cezanne
Contact: tassula.proikas-cezannespam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de