26.09.2019 | Institute for Historical and Cultural Anthropology

Problematizing Moralizing. On the Politics of Anti-Moralist Critique in the Current Conjuncture

International Summer School problematizing morality

Datum :

26.09.2019 10:30 Uhr

Veranstaltungsort :

Schloss Hohentübingen (Hörsaal Klassische Archäologie/Ernst von Sieglin)

Referent/in :

Moritz Ege, Göttingen

In social science and public debates, ‘moralists’ are often treated as contemptible figures. In both fields, the borders between reflections on normativity that are deemed appropriate, on the one hand, and illegitimate forms of ‘moralizing’ on the other are far from clear, however. Using examples from public discourse and ethnography, Moritz Ege will explore these ambiguities by discussing genealogies of anti-moralism, its current political entanglements, and conclusions to be drawn for research on ethics and politics.

The International Summer School is jointly organized by members of the Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology, the Collaborative Research Center 923 "Threatened Order - Societies under Stress", and the Department of Sociology. It is funded by the Institutional Strategy of the University of Tübingen (ZUK 63)Universitätsbund Tübingen e.V., and the University’s Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.