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Herzlich Wilkommen ...

... auf den Seiten unserer Arbeitsgruppe unter der Leitung von Prof. Dr. Katja Tielbörger! Hier sind Informationen zu unseren Forschungsschwerpunkten, unserer Lehre, unseren Mitarbeitern, Stellenangeboten und aktuellen Neuigkeiten zusammen gestellt. Frau Tielbörger ist gleichzeitig auch Direktorin des Botanischen Gartens.

Um uns kennen zu lernen bietet es sich an, zu einem unserer regelmäßigen Arbeitsgruppenseminare zu kommen. Hier werden in lockerer Runde die verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten vorgestellt und so ist ein guter Einblick in die verschiedenen Themenfelder möglich.

Viel Spaß beim Erkunden unserer Arbeitsgruppe!

Neuigkeiten (auf Englisch)


Ruichang published his first paper in the 'New Phytologist', co-authored by Katja. Congratulations!


Gianni left us after two years, his contract ended. He will now work on fish. Good luck for the future!


We welcome Neta Manela, a PhD student under Prof. Ofer Ovadia, from Ben Gurion University, Israel. Neta is here on a Minerva grant until the end of 2018 and will be running an experiment in our greenhouse. She collected seeds of heterocarpic species along Israel's climate gradient and separated them by their morph type (short- vs. long-dispersal), these seeds where then exposed to a smoke treatment whilst still in Israel. In her greenhouse experiment, emergence, fraction and speed will be recorded and a subset of the plants will be phenotyped during their growth.


Our congratulations go to Clara Nesongano, who today successfully defended her PhD on effects of climate change, land-use and elevated CO2 on tree-grass interactions in southern African savannas.


Congratulations to Anu, who scored the 3rd place for best student talk at PopBio 2018 in Innsbruck. Title of Anu's talk: "The role of biotic interactions in determining metal hyperaccumulation". Well done! A large delegation of our group currently visited the PopBio in Innsbruck. Had lots of fun and tons of good discussions!


EvE Seminar - Updated program and time for SoSe 2018:
Presentations now take place Tuesdays at 12:00 (st!) in lecture hall N12. For exceptions and program details check the EvE seminar pages or follow @EvE_seminars on Twitter.


This semester's EvE seminar starts with a guest of our group: Dr. Xavier Thibert-Plante from Umea University, Sweden, he will give a talk about "Theoretical studies of ecology, evolution and speciation". Please also note the new time slot of the EvE-Seminar: Tuesdays, 12h s.t. -13h, N12.


A very warm welcome to Maxi, who is (re-) joining the group as PostDoc in the DRIeR project.


After almost 9 years Mark is leaving the group and heads towards Namibia. We wish you all the best and thank you for all your great work as lecturer, supervisor and scientist and even more so for being great company! In early January 18, Mark co-authored an article on responses of burrowing mammals to contrasting rangeland management. You can find it at the newly established Namibian Journal of Environment. The paper is a result of Mark's time in Namibia last year. 

Older News


Michal, Dorothee, Maja and Katja have a new article in Nature Communications on 'Decision-making in plants under competion', you can read the article here


The recently published article of Mark Bilton is receiving media interest. Congratulations Mark!
Here are some of the outlets that picked up the article: 1, 2, 3


A large delegation of the group is visiting this year's joint confrence of the GFÖ and BES in Ghent, Belgium. Have fun and we wish you many fruitful discussions!


Congratulations to Mark Bilton on his new article on long-term responses of climatic niche groups to experimental warming and drought. The article was published today in New Phytologist.


A very warm welcome to our guest Dr. Anje-Margriet Neutel from the British Antarctic Survey. Anje is a collaborator of Korinna and will be giving a talk on "Making sense of a multitude of feedbacks in ecological communities" within this week's EvE Seminar (Wednesday, 22nd of November). Welcome!


The new experiment within the HEDGE2 project on plant traits responses to common grassland management practices at Heuberger Tor is finally set up. In the last weeks 2880 pots were dug into the heavy soil and sown with 30 common grassland species. Ronja is very thankful for the help of everyone involved and is eagerly awaiting germination of seeds...


A warm welcome to Allan Kandjai from the Namibian University of Science and Technology. Allan is working in the OPTIMASS project and is visiting us for two weeks to work on his masters thesis. Welcome Allan!


We wish all students a good and fresh start for the winter term!


Jan Ruppert co-authored an article in Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment on drivers of important ecosystem services in West African savannas.


Jan returned after a very succesful site selection and workshop trip in Namibia held within the NamTip project.


We are currently offering a position for a Post-Doctoral Researcher in Ecology/Ecohydrology. For information about the position and application details, please refer here.


Katja and Cornelia returned from a highly successful series of stakeholder workshops in Jordan, Palestine, and Israel held within the CASCADE project.


We would like to welcome Korinna Allhoff, our new Assistant Professor. Korinna is an expert on modelling ecological networks. She has a particular interest on (long-term) responses of ecological networks to changing environmental conditions, such as global change or increasing rates of invasive species. Welcome!!