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Small Businesses in the Pandemic Lockdowns

new Blog-article by Vanessa Weihgold

In the last two years, people all over the world have experienced an exceptional crisis. The COVID-19-pandemic forced us among other things to social distancing: less face-to-face meetings with other people, working or schooling from home, wearing masks that cover facial expressions… The center of Tübingen – normally crowded with tourists and students from all over the world having a drink on the stairs in front of the town hall or the Stiftskirche, eating in one of the many small restaurants or just walking around and enjoying the beautiful architecture – was suddenly empty. While preventing higher outbursts of COVID, these measures, it has to be expected, must have had severe economic and emotional effects on the population in general. Bigger companies like Lufthansa or Daimler got media attention on their problems, but there was less talk about smaller businesses (except maybe for the gastronomy) as we have them in Tübingen.