Sanskrittheater aus Kerala


Workshop am 22. Juli 2015 im Brechtbautheater der Universität Tübingen: pdf
Aufführung am 23. Juli 2015 im Sudhaus, Tübingen: pdf
Aufführung am 24. Juli 2015 im Theater am Faden, Stuttgart: pdf

Reading Manuscripts from Kerala: Malayalam and Grantha

This practical workshop on Indian manuscripts in handwritings from Kerala with focus on Malayalam and Grantha scripts is conducted by P.L. Shaji, an expert from the Manuscripts Library of the Kerala University, Thiruvananthapuram. It is jointly organised by the Dept. of Indology and the University Library.

P.L. Shaji is going to instruct interested students, graduates, post-graduates as well as librarians about the peculiarities of working with and reading of Indian manuscripts. Having a good stock of handwritings on different materials like palm-leaf or birch-bark in several Indian scripts in our library we even can work with originals.

Programm und Anmeldung siehe hier.