Englisches Seminar

Prof. Dr. Sam Featherston

English Department
Wilhelmstraße 50
72074 Tübingen

Office: Brechtbau 470
Tel: +(49) (0) 7071 29-72377
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Research areas: Psycholinguistics, syntax, syntax/processing boundary phenomena, sentence-level structures, grammar architectures, experimental syntax

Classes summer term 2024

  • HS/OS: Types of movement, Thursday 8-10
  • KO: Topics for candidates, Wednesday 12-14
  • PS/Ü: Middle English: women vs men, Wednesday 8-10
  • PS/Ü: Clause structure in German and English, Tuesday 8-10
  • KO: Exam preparation, compact course in September 2024

Associated classes summer term 2024

  • Clause Structure tutorial, taught by Theresa Dümmel
  • HS Types of movement tutorial, taught by Michelle Trifonov

Equal Opportunities: I am Equal Opportunities Representative (Gleichstellungsbeauftragter) of the School of Modern Languages (Fachbereich Neuphilologie) and Deputy Equal Opportunities Representative in the Faculty of Humanities (Philosophische Fakultät). Please come and see me or drop me an e-mail if you would like my help, advice, or information on an equal opportunities issue.  I will do my best to help.

Frequently asked questions: It's sensible to read these answers before sending me an e-mail.

Publications: You can look at my publications.

Office hours in term time: Send me an e-mail. I tried offering office hours in person, but since Corona nobody comes.

Office hours out of term time: Send me an e-mail.

CV: I don't like long introductions to speakers; I don't actually think anybody likes them. They are deeply embarrassing and unbearably sycophantic. I am happiest if you just say "Here is Sam Featherston from Tübingen to talk to you about X."

Other interests: My family, politics, running, walking, punting on the Neckar, mountains, travel, my bike, anything active outdoors, pizza, discussion, languages, The Guardian, curry, France, Italy, Africa, Europe, dark chocolate, economics, architecture, feminism, Britten, Mahler, London and Paris - for their glorious ethnic and cultural diversity, T.S. Eliot, George Eliot, deep dark red wine, the Wife of Bath, Michael Nyman, blackberry and apple crumble, Tübingen old town, hawthorn blossom, bluebell woods, limestone landscapes, the Atlantic coasts of Britanny and Devon/Cornwall, mountain huts, the political sanity of Germany compared to Britain, cheese fondue, nice goats, Cox's apples, tangy orange marmalade, south German potato salad, espresso in Italy, the civilized atmosphere of Kusterdingen, Italian ice cream, street markets in Palermo, Genoa, and Napoli, the seafood Marché des Lices in Rennes, cornish pasties, the gothic cathedrals of France, my job, Tracey Enim, conceptual art, Comté cheese, Käsespätzle, Italian Renaissance architecture, working at an exzellente Uni, the Queyras national park, cats, running around barefoot in shorts and a tee-shirt all summer long, the Gulf of Kotor and the Montenegran karst landscapes, Serbian pasulj, the Anti-Atlas in Morocco, the days before Corona when we didn't regard all other people as a threat, peace in Europe, Aperol spritz, gin and tonic, homemade jam, Ubuntu Linux, renewable energies, unsweetened muesli with lots of oats, Breton butter with sea salt, blackcurrants and redcurrants, Fridays for Future, the bits of Venice that are not yet over-touristed (and yes, I am part of the problem), ...