Marine Geochemistry

The course looks at the oceans' and is an introduction to marine chemistry. The sub-topics of this lecture includes: ocean dynamic topography, ocean temperature and salinity; oceanic circulation;  thermohaline circulation, carbon cycle,  composition of sea water; variations of sea water through time, hot vents and cold seeps, ferromanganese nodules, gas hydrates, radiogenic isotopes (Sr, Nd) in the oceans; U-disequilibrium dating and sedimentation rates.

Lecture notes (pdf-files):


Marine_1 Introduction

Marine_1b Oceans as a chemical system 
Marine_2 Ocean circulation
Marine_3 Sea water tracers
Marine_4 Ocean carbon cycle, pH and alkalinity, carbonate dissolution and precepitation, nutrients
Marine_5 Particulate material, Marine sediments, Hot vents, Ferromanganese deposits 
Marine_6 Isotopic tracers in oceanography