Institut für Neurobiologie

Master of Science in Neurobiology

How do the nerve cells of the brain, millions of relatively simple processing units, cooperate to produce behaviour?

The international Master's Degree Program in Neurobiology at the University of Tübingen aims at enabling highly motivated students to unravel some of the brain's mysteries.


The M.Sc. program in Neurobiology introduces state-of-the-art experimental and data analysis methods of neuroscientific research and qualifies students to address and solve scientific problems independently. The focus of this program is on comparative approaches and reflects the wide range of methods and animal models used by our faculty in their research. The courses cover cellular, systemic, behavioral, cognitive, evolutionary, and computational aspects of modern integrative neuroscience. Four three-week laboratory courses in the third semester are of central importance. In these, students work in small groups on current research topics that are chosen from projects offered by more than 20 labs. The M.Sc. program welcomes curious students with a background in biological sciences who are inspired by intellectual challenges and are interested in basic research in the neurosciences. Course language is English, some optional courses are in German.


Animal behaviour; Cognitive neuroscience; Neuroethology; Neurophysiology; Biological Information Processing


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Applicants with a bachelors degree, or an equivalent degree in biology or a related field, such as medicine, bioinformatics or biophysics from Germany or abroad, are eligible. English skills are required. Selection is based on the grade attained for the bachelors degree or an equivalent degree. This can be upgraded by extra vocational qualifications, such as BTA or MTA training, by work experience abroad in a biological field for a minimum period of six weeks or by scientific prizes or publications.

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