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Forschungsprofil der Abteilung Computational Physics

The research conducted in the Computational Physics group is focussed on various aspects in the early phases of stellar evolution. This includes: Theory of accretion disks, formation and evolution of planetary systems from dust aggregates to fully grown planets and the formation and propagation of jets.

We use different computational methods such as molecular dynamics simulations, SPH simulations and grid-based Magnetohydrodynamics and Radiation-Hydrodynamics simulations.

From beginning 2007 until the end of 2013, part of our group was funded by the DFG Research Group 759 on "Planet Formation".

From January 2015 until May 2021, we hosted the Emmy Noether Research Group on Massive Star Formation.

Some videos illustrating our research can be found on our YouTube channel CPTuebingen.