Aktuelle Vorträge

Naxos, 23.-29. Juli 2023 Summer School on Diachronic Linguistics. 'How grammar is created and shaped: grammaticalization processes in the history of German'
Berlin, ZAS, 8.12.2023 'A syntactic approach to pragmaticalization' (mit Kalle Müller)
Wuppertal, 3.11. 2023 `Locative inversion: an experimental perspective' (mit Sam Featherston)

Bukarest, 24.-27. August 2022

(mit Ellen Brandner): Complementation as relativization: new insights from equative-based complementizers. 55th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea.

Oxford, 1.-5. August


(mit Marco Cognilio, Kalle Müller, Katharina Paul): Grammaticalization of sentence adverbs and particles revisited. International Conference of Historical Linguistics.

Göttingen, 18.-20. Mai


(mit Kalle Müller): Adverbials and modal particles: diachronic pathways at the syntax-semantics interface. Conference ‘Adverbs and Adverbials at the Form-meaning Interface: Diachronic and Synchronic Perspectives’.