Englisches Seminar

Charles Ledbetter (M.A.)


Englisches Seminar
Universität Tübingen
Wilhelmstraße 50
72074 Tübingen

Office: 462 b)

Email: charlie.d.ledbetter[at]gmail.com

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Ph.D. Project: Inhabiting the Monstrous: Trans* Posthumanism in Speculative Fiction

This dissertation analyzes the intersection of trans* and posthuman themes in contemporary speculative fiction. Taking a comprehensive view of trans* representation, it encompasses the genres of magical realism, afrofuturism, feminist science-fiction, gothic horror, as well as emerging sub-genres in self-published digital media. Central themes are trans*temporality, relationships with queer and feminist theories, race and intersectionality. These themes crystallize in the figure of the monster, at once marginalized from normative social categories, yet at the same time deconstructing and reimagining the category of human.

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